Net Promoter Score

Collect Net Promoter Score Data with Every Transaction.

Net Promoter Score

Thanx collects and tracks NPS (Net Promoter Score) responses, allowing you to see trends in customer satisfaction over time, across your locations, and against industry benchmarks

Thanx automatically sorts through the noise to instantly alert you when loyal customers’ satisfaction is on the decline so you can reach out to rectify issues.

Using Net Promoter Score

Feedback from your customers could be one of the most valuable sources of business intelligence for your company — but most operations haven’t quite figured out how to harness this data in a way that works for them. Offline businesses lack tools to track guest satisfaction across multiple locations over time. They are blind to strengths and weaknesses in guest satisfaction and have no way to operationalize it across the brand. 

Net Promoter Score in Action

Preston is Fair Provisions’ most satisfied customer. How do they know? He leaves a “10” when prompted with NPS in the Thanx app after every visit. However, yesterday, Preston received some poor service, and he let them know immediately by leaving a “7” for NPS. 

The GM at Fair Provisions received an email alert immediately because Thanx tagged this unusually low review as critical. The GM sends Preston a note through the Thanx app immediately, apologizing for the lapse in service and offering a free drink next time he comes in. Preston comes back in to redeem his reward, and after another stellar experience gives Fair Provisions the 10 they expect. Nice recovery!

Loyalty reimagined means having the tools to address your customers’ concerns directly, before they hit social media. Thanx uses NPS scores from your customers to alert you to problems immediately, quantify customer satisfaction across all of your locations, and benchmark yourself against competitors in the industry. NPS with Thanx helps take customer feedback and make it into powerful, actionable data. 

Customer Feedback with NPS