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Personalize guest interactions to generate incremental revenue.


Digital Guest Experiences

Industry-leading web and mobile loyalty and ordering experiences delight customers and grow online revenue.

Delight Your customers

Delight your customers

Instagram-worthy branded digital ordering, along with mobile and web experiences excite customers and keep them fully engaged with your brand.

Grow Online Revenue

Grow online revenue

Online revenue is expected to grow 200% in the next 2 years. Capture a chunk of the change with an ordering experience that rivals third party delivery providers like UberEats and DoorDash.

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PINCHO turned their 1.6-star app into a 4.9-star app and transitioned their entire loyalty program in less than six weeks.

Campaigns + Feedback

AI-driven campaigns and feedback simplify personalized engagement and drive measurable ROI.

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Turn on autopilot

Rich customer profiles, automated creation of audience segments, and one-click campaigns make 1:1 marketing easy.

Respond to guests personally

Contextual, real-time private channel feedback and response build trust with guests and drive repeat visits.

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In a recent campaign, Oath Pizza achieved a 55% open rate and saw 2.3x higher purchase propensity vs. the control group.

Loyalty + CRM

Full-featured loyalty and CRM that works with any POS and makes it easy to evolve your program as you evolve.


Capture every touch

Connect the dots across customer touchpoints with a complete CRM solution — 50+ data points including in-store and online purchases, item preferences, visit frequency, churn risk, predicted lifetime value, lifetime spend, mobile engagement, and much more!


Rewards ≠ loyalty

Rote rewards don’t build real loyalty. Flexible, experiential benefits keep your best customers coming back — Offer the experiences your customers really want like VIP, Winback, Surprise and Delight, and Tiers.

Tier examples with Thanx
Thanx icon

With Thanx, go beyond basic rewards with a tiers-based program that offers members access to unique perks like priority seating for gold members.

Tocaya Organica Logo

“Thanx’s digital ordering solution allows us to deliver best-in-class digital experiences; with rewards seamlessly integrated into the user experience, it creates a powerful incentive for guests to order direct.”

Matthew Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Tocaya Organica
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“The transition from our previous app to the Thanx platform has been completely seamless for our customers and brings a best-in-class, comprehensive solution that allows us to better connect and engage with our guests.

Otto Othman, CEO at PINCHO
Oath Pizza logo

“With Thanx, we wanted to create a sophisticated mobile ordering experience that holds up to our high standards in food quality and brand consistency. Thanx is helping us bridge the gap between the digital and in-store experience so our customers can interact with us in a way that is completely seamless and intuitive.

Stacie Colburn Hayes, VP of Marketing at Oath Pizza

Why Thanx? Results.

Increase visit frequency, acquire new loyal guests

Increase visit frequency, acquire new loyal guests.

Our AI-driven technology offers deep data-driven personalization across every interaction to engage guests, reward long-term loyalty, and acquire new customers who will become loyal.

Improve online ordering volume, drive ordering revenue

Improve online ordering volume, drive ordering revenue.

Our best-in-class digital experiences delight customers, improve data capture, deliver new customers and incremental visit frequency, and drive ordering revenue back to owned, high-margin channels.

Drive incremental revenue, increase customer lifetime value

Drive incremental revenue, increase customer lifetime value.

Thanx helps bridge the gap between the endless abyss of choices and the needs of consumers to fortify your customer-base and build long-term relationships that drive higher incremental revenue and lifetime value (LTV).

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Helping restaurants and retailers #emergestronger.

Thanx Emerge Stronger playbooks deliver in-depth modules for maximizing digital revenue, winning the first visit, driving repeat purchasing, and acquiring new customers on the other side of this crisis.

Want to accelerate your post-crisis recovery?

Thanx is the leading CRM and digital engagement platform for restaurants and retailers looking to maximize digital revenue and engage top customers.