Thanx makes marketing effortless for multi-location merchants. Watch these videos and see how these merchants grew sales

Mixt Greens ditched their underperforming plastic card-based loyalty program for a mobile app with Thanx.

We have learned more about our customers and their habits in 3 months with Thanx than in 7 years with punch and plastic cards.


CEO Mixt Greens

Tomatina needed to engage and retain their best customers — without the hassle of punch cards or plastic cards

Being able to have customers come in, swipe their card, and immediately get points without even thinking about it has been really great.


Marketing Strategist Tomatina

Lou Malnati’s needed a world-class partner to take their decade-old loyalty program to the next level.

We needed a world-class partner to take our decade-old loyalty program to the next level — and that’s exactly what we found in Thanx.


Director of Marketing Lou Malnati’s

Wash Me Fast needed a way to gather actionable customer data fast in a throughput-driven business.

The data we are beginning to collect through Thanx is fantastic. Every time we learn something new, we just want more and more!


Owner Wash Me Fast

Identify your customers.

Every business has VIPs. Do you know yours? With Thanx it’s a cinch.

With Thanx you’ll be able to:

  • Focus your customer engagement on your most frequent, highest-spend customers.
  • Eliminate customer churn and increase visit frequency
Engage your customers.

Every customer has an opinion. Can you respond directly before they post online? With Thanx it’s easy.

With Thanx you’ll know be able to:

  • Automagically reach out to customers after they transact and tie feedback to specific transactions
  • Track your Net Promoter Score over time and across locations
Retain your customers.

Every competitor wants your customers. Can you make sure they never leave you? With Thanx it’s automatic.

Focus on relationships, not discounts

  • One size doesn’t fit all. Thanx reward programs are easily customizable to address your unique business objectives and customer needs.
  • Focus efforts on your most frequent, highest-spend customers who generate the most value for your business.

"We evaluated a number of loyalty solutions on the market, but everything we looked at forced consumers to participate in extra steps. We didn't want to complicate the experience. Rewards should be easy and fun — and that's what Thanx delivers with our custom SusieFavors program."

susan sarich founder ceo susiecakes
Susan Sarich , Founder & CEO, SusieCakes
Best Birthday Cake," Southbay Magazine
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