Activate your new customers

Evaluate your customer funnel to understand conversion, then create automated campaigns in one click to improve critical metrics like 3rd purchase conversion.

Lifecycle Marketing

A/B test one-time and automated campaigns

Improve your campaign ROI with A/B/C/D testing of ongoing and automated campaigns. Measure engagement, revenue, sign-ups, and redemptions across variants.

A/B Testing

Update your loyalty program and app, anytime

Change your loyalty program structure, branding, or branded app content anytime. Constantly evolve your program and content with our self-service loyalty designer and CMS.

Loyalty Designer
Content Management System

Offer dynamic rewards and perks

Create and edit rewards, assign and adjust values, and set expiration dates, anytime, in real-time.

Rewards Marketplace

Maximize first-party digital ordering conversion

Best-in-class web and app user experiences with Automated Cart Abandonment marketing campaigns.

Cart Abandonment Automations

Loyalty is nothing new.
Our approach is.

Offer non-discount rewards

Why discount if you don’t have to? Thanx offers a variety of non-discount reward templates, and advanced reporting, so you can understand which rewards work, and which don’t.

Take advantage of industry-leading enrollment

100% of online customers become loyalty members and no mobile app is required to participate in loyalty. Thanx customers enjoy 15x more signups than leading competitors.

Track 57% more purchases

Purchases in Thanx are captured effortlessly whenever members make online purchases or swipe their credit card. That means 57% better data capture and improved marketing ROI.

Increase spend and frequency

Understand your customer lifecycle at a glance, then automate your marketing for better conversion to drive 15% higher frequency of guests than competing platforms.

Restaurant brands on Thanx see measurable results.

program participation within 6 months of launch
more loyalty visits than competing platforms
better conversion to 2nd purchase than competing platforms
average app store rating

Powering the growth of leading restaurants

Headshot of Cassie Cooper for
We found a partner in Thanx because they were equally as passionate about building a program that improved our bottom line without relying on traditional discounts, and instead moving towards offering exclusivity and access to our guests.

Cassie Cooper, Director of Marketing, Velvet Taco

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After the roll-out of Thanx CRM-integrated ordering, Little Big Burger saw a 12.1% increase in SSS in the 20 weeks following launch and a 7.5x increase in loyalty sign-ups. Similarly, Burgers Grilled Right saw a 9.0% SSS increase and a 5X increase in sign-ups.

Fred Glick, President, Amergent Hospitality Group, Inc.

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Transitioning to Thanx was really straightforward. Naturally, we were concerned that our existing loyalty members might not re-enroll but rather than seeing a decrease in membership, our membership soared 331% almost overnight!

Bailey Scoville, VP of Strategy, Kneaders

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We chose Thanx to get as technologically advanced with customer data as we possibly could, in order to start really personalizing our marketing. Thanx was the easy option when we were evaluating because they delivered on that.

Sydney Vassal, Director of Marketing, Brixx

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We elected to replace our previous loyalty with Thanx because we wanted a program that was accessible to more of our guests. We felt limited by our previous loyalty company's one-size-fits-all approach to loyalty and mobile ordering. Thanx has a better back-end experience, allows for easy app updates, and gave us the ability to create and make changes to our rewards marketplace anytime which will improve the overall guest experience.

Matt Avila, Director Corporate Operations, Pizza Rev

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