Our story

Thanx’s mission is simple: enable merchants to effortlessly identify, engage, and retain their best customers. Thanx founder Zach Goldstein first developed this perspective while working at Bain & Co., where he saw leading retail and technology companies struggle to generate repeat business. All conceptually understood that the top 20% of customers drive 80% of profits, but none could connect with these high value individuals. Zach also noted that consumers wanted an improved shopping experience, where their favorite brands didn’t ask them to carry plastic cards or go through numerous steps at checkout.

Determined to find the right solution, Zach enrolled in Stanford’s MBA program. He quickly discovered the complexity of existing customer retention technology, as costly point-of-sale integrations chewed up valuable resources without the promise of generating actionable insights. This led to Zach's big idea. By eliminating point-of-sale integrations, and integrating directly into customers’ preferred method of payment, Thanx could provide merchants the real-time data they need to make sure loyal customers receive the experience they deserve — and make the entire process effortless. After running this concept by more than 300 merchants and receiving positive encouragement, Zach made the call. Fast forward to today, and Thanx is a go.

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San Francisco, CA


$12B retail loyalty rewards processed annually




Icon Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, SoftTech VC, Danhua Capital