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Photo of a hand tapping their phone to a credit card reader, with the UI of a Thanx Urbane Cafe stored value screen shown.

New Feature: Introducing Stored Value

The dining experience just got a whole lot smarter with Thanx. In an exciting move reminiscent of Starbucks’ payment system, Thanx has unveiled its latest innovation — Thanx Stored Value. This groundbreaking offering allows consumers to preload funds for future digital and in-store purchases, all without the need for additional hardware. No More Hardware Hassles

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Self-service loyalty editor and consumer experience example

Thanx Loyalty Designer

Make changes to your loyalty program design, rewards, and branding anytime, in real-time. With Thanx’s Loyalty Designer, restaurant marketers can fully control their loyalty program design and branding directly within the Thanx dashboard. The self-service Loyalty Designer give marketers unprecedented agility and flexibility to adapt to changes in the market – whether operational, economic, or

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Thanx Points Loyalty Engine

Thanx Rewards Marketplace

When it comes to your loyalty benefits, the traditional “spend X, get Y” loyalty program just doesn’t cut it anymore. Guests expect choice and relevance. Thanx’s Rewards Marketplace allows restaurants to offer a robust menu of perks so guests can select the perks that are most appealing to them. Super fans can select limited edition

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Meta image showing UI example of Thanx's new content management system

Thanx Content Management System (CMS)

Change the look and feel of your digital ordering UX on the fly! Restaurant websites and mobile ordering apps offer precious real estate to message brand initiatives, especially now that more consumers than ever are relying on off-premise service. But the ability to customize these interfaces is usually gatekept by external vendors or developers. With

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Screenshot from Thanx Automated A/B Testing Video

Thanx A/B Testing

Automated A/B Testing allows marketers to test targeted campaigns to any audience to find the best outcome based on real results. This includes one-time campaigns as well as automated campaigns. Want to see what it takes to get your mobile app customers to come in one more time a month? Test it! Interested in learning

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Thanx Lifecycle Marketing Automation

Resource shows that roughly 70% of first-time guests never return but guest on the Thanx platform who make a third purchase have a 10x higher likelihood of returning than those who have only made one purchase! In other words, you can drive real revenue by activating customers to a third purchase.  Thanx Lifecycle Marketing Automation

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Oath web ordering experience

Drive direct online ordering revenue with turnkey web ordering

We’re excited to announce Thanx Web Ordering, a turnkey web ordering experience that delights guests and drives direct ordering revenue. The new web ordering experience offers an exciting alternative for restaurants looking for a more modern, brand- and food-forward experience without the heavy costs and burden of developing and maintaining a custom solution. You can

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Thanx Machine Learning visualization

Thanx announces Personalized Winback powered by Machine Learning

We’re excited to announce ML-powered Personalized Winback, an enhanced automated campaign offering for intelligently identifying and winning back high-value guests at high retention risk. The new Winback program makes it even easier for restaurants and retailers to identify and retain valued at-risk guests. Once set-up, Personalized Winback runs automatically in the background, encouraging at-risk guests

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Surprise and Delight Loyalty from Thanx; photo of a spearmint gift with gold ribbon on a light pink backdrop, top aerial viewpoint

Surprise and Delight Loyalty Brings Flexibility to Rewarding Customers

Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to the Thanx suite of customer engagement and marketing automation tools. This time around we have a huge surprise (pun intended). Our latest enterprise-level program, called Surprise and Delight, helps you create stronger relationships with your customers by offering delightful, unexpected rewards. The Surprise and Delight feature

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Target customers based on location with Thanx

Target Customers with Location-Based Campaigns

Location data is a powerful tool allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns based on where customers live, work or shop to increase the relevancy of your messages. We’re excited to announce a new suite of location-based campaigns powered by location data. Boost traffic at an underperforming location It’s only natural that some locations perform

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Announcing: Net Promoter Score Upgrade!

For restaurants and retailers, Net Promoter Score is the most valuable way to survey for customer satisfaction and feedback data. Unlike traditional feedback, NPS allows merchants to track customer satisfaction over time, granting them performance data across their entire brand, and all the way down to the individual store level.

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How a loyalty program can double as viral marketing campaign

On the surface, Thanx is an effortless experience for both merchants and their customers. However, behind that magic is a whole lot of math. We work tirelessly to scientifically prove that our incentive programs are generating real ROI for all Thanx merchants. Read on to see how we optimized our industry-first viral marketing campaign, maximizing social sharing and invite conversion and, most importantly, revenue.

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Zip Code Marketing Research Makes Money for Small Businesses

Zip Code Marketing Research is hugely lucrative, not hard to do… yet puzzlingly underutilized. Businesses looking to understand how their customers vary across different locations can use this valuable data for anything from planning targeted marketing campaigns to buying real estate for a new storefront. While it might seem obvious that more affluent zip codes would spend more money, the results are actually way more interesting (and sometimes shocking). Like everything in marketing, personalization matters (and data is your friend).

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Apple Wallet & Loyalty

In what’s quickly become one of the nation’s favorite Fall events, this year’s Apple Dog and Pony Show had all eyes and ears on the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco. With upgrades to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV headlining, we were of course extremely excited to dive into what Tim and Co. had *ahem* cooked up, especially any and all “one more things.”

Consumer fanfare aside, Apple also faces tremendous pressure to deliver innovation for merchants — especially this year. Make no mistake — Passbook seemed interesting as a concept, but failed as a product. Apple Pay received praise as a concept and product, but it’s still early. With Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and other major players grappling to carve out market share, Apple needs to continue pushing merchant innovations forward.

And that’s where loyalty comes in. To overcome the chicken and egg paradox inherent in launching a mobile payments platform, consumers and merchants both need strong incentives to adopt a new technology. Let’s look at where Apple stands, and what we can expect from the company going forward.

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Card-Linked Offers Technology: Growing with Momentum

When a new technology emerges, a few early-adopters dabble but the vast majority stays on the sideline, naturally dubious. Inevitably, if that technology solves a real, painful problem with the status quo, others quickly jump in to give it a try – they view it as a risk worth taking. It is with the success of these first waves of experimenters that the technology becomes mainstream and the average consumer or business recognizes the obvious advantages of making a switch. This is the story of Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm.

In the real world, of course, it can be hard to identify where an innovation sits in this technology hype cycle. One important indicator of forward progress is the commencement of analyst coverage – simply put, industry analysts don’t waste their time speculating. They spend their research resources on truly game-changing innovations that have begun to blossom.

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Go Inside The App Design Mind: Thanx v3.0 Is Here

Ever wondered what it’s like to be someone who designs mobile apps? Me too.

That’s why I thought our own Jason Li’s post to the tech blog Medium,”Designing the new Thanx App,” was so cool. Reading through, you’ll get an exclusive, first-hand perspective at mobile app designers and their fascinating process.

Plus, Jason also details several of the choices our team made that led to Thanx v3.0 – an immensely proud achievement for everyone here at our company.

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Loyalty programs and tokenization

VIP Marketing Solutions Increase Sales 40%

As we’ve covered before, there’s no better predictor of a multi-location, brick-and-mortar business’s long-term success than its best customers. “VIPs” spend more money, they refer more new customers, and they are the best brand advocates – hands down.
Due to VIPs’ importance, every businesses should have a VIP marketing strategy in place. Let’s take a look at the marketing solutions that are best suited to drive sales from VIPs and retain their business (while also being mindful that marketers want to reduce hassle as much as possible).

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Customer Retention Strategies

What is a Good Net Promoter Score?

It’s one thing to look in the mirror – another to grasp how you look compared to others. Though Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) provides a crystal clear mirror, it takes a few smart marketing decisions to understand what is a good NPS and what scores could benefit from improvement.

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Winback. It’s What’s for Customer Retention

~72%. In a recent data study we did at Thanx across more than 15 million transactions and 15 industries (more specifics to come at the end of this month), that’s the percent of loyal customers that visit a business only once in a 6-month period. To me, that number is mind-blowing. Think of the revenue gains a company could earn from reducing that number just 5%. And that’s the whole idea behind what we’ve built. Here’s how it came to be.

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Customer Retention Strategies

Branded App For Customer Loyalty – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Picture it – you unlock your smartphone, scroll to your favorite screen, and click on your own brand’s logo. It’s enough to get any merchant excited about the prospect of having a branded app for customer loyalty, purchases, ordering, games, and whatever else. However, is a branded app something that customers actually want? Here’s how to make the best decision for your business.

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Loyalty programs and tokenization

Proprietary Data for Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

The most successful retention marketing fosters mutually beneficial relationships between merchants and their best customers. To create such a high-performing program, merchants need more than generic customer insights; they need proprietary data that maps how customers experience their particular brand. Seek out those innovative providers who can deliver actionable information in order to earn a higher ROI on your loyalty investment.

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