Personalized guest engagement

Generic = irrelevant.

Customers have developed an immunity to generic, irrelevant messages. Thanx makes it easy for brands to engage customers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

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Data-driven marketing shouldn’t require a data science degree.

Generic messages don’t work. But highly personalized engagement based on a deep understanding of the customer can be time-consuming and tough to deliver at scale. That’s why Thanx is 100% focused on making personalization easy.

capture rate vs traditional

CRM-integrated ordering captures known customers 7.5x faster than traditional loyalty methods.

Expert mode

  • Automated campaigns engine

    Through experimentation, learn what works and what doesn’t. Our campaign engine makes it easy to automate what works and drive predictable positive results.

  • Machine-learning

    With 400+ deployments, we know what works and what doesn’t. Take advantage of our proven algorithms that change behavior and drive real results programmatically.

  • Real-time private channel feedback

    Capture and respond to verified customer feedback alongside purchase context. Critical feedback indicators help prioritize the highest-value outreach.

  • Campaign approvals

    Empower managers to do their own local marketing in keeping with brand guidelines through our governed campaign approval workflow.

Before we worked with Thanx, our innovation was largely focused on our brand, our creative, and traditional marketing tactics. Thanx’s easy-to-use marketing tools allowed us to start innovating in new ways. Now, we are experimenting with new segments and campaign types which has led to higher ROI targeted campaigns. We are finally on the path to becoming more data-driven marketers!
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Catey Mark, President Beatnic

What’s included


  • ML-powered Winback & Bounceback
  • Reputation Manager
  • Refer-a-Friend (Thanxgiving)
  • Pre-build automated campaigns
  • Self-service automated campaign builder
  • Sentiment and keyword analysis on feedback


  • Pre-build segments (ie VIPs, Big Spenders, Promoters, Regulars)
  • Pre-build targeted campaigns (ie daypart, week part, location)
  • Campaign approval workflow
  • Real-time, private channel feedback (NPS)
  • Critical feedback alerts

Robust tools

  • Centralized multi-channel campaign management (push, SMS, and email)
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Drag-and-drop email builder with reusable content
  • Self-service rewards manager with templates
  • Closed-loop campaign reporting