10x more signups per location than Paytronix.

80% of consumers join Thanx-powered loyalty programs through our industry-leading web ordering experiences.

Comparison How it works

Unlike Paytronix:

  • Thanx automatically enrolls 100% of online ordering customers into loyalty
  • Guests earn rewards in-store without identifying themselves at the register each time

Paytronix relies on manual methods for guests to engage with your loyalty program – giving a phone number to staff or swiping a code – creating friction and slow down at the register.

Thanx’s approach to loyalty enrollment is a game changer for growing your customer database. 100% of digital purchasers become loyalty members and guests earn progress effortlessly just by paying as they normally would. As a result, Thanx delivers 10x more signups than Paytronix, quarter after quarter.

2 screenshots of the Kneaders mobile app from Thanx highlighting the "Save & earn rewards" button

Thanx offers non-discount reward options that increase engagement by 275%.

Generic discounts rarely achieve higher than 15-20% redemption rates. Thanx non-discount rewards achieve 47% redemption or more.

Unlike Paytronix:

  • Thanx offers experiential and status-based rewards like Hidden Menu and Access Pass on top of Olo, Toast, and other ordering systems.
  • Thanx includes a completely self-service loyalty program editor that allows you to make changes to your program structure, branding, rewards, and rewards costs at any time.
Screenshot of generic Thanx mobile app highlighting the hidden menu feature
We elected to replace our previous loyalty with Thanx because we wanted a program that was accessible to more of our guests. We felt limited by our previous loyalty company's one-size-fits-all approach to loyalty and mobile ordering. Thanx has a better back-end experience, allows for easy app updates, and gave us the ability to create and make changes to our rewards marketplace anytime which will improve the overall guest experience.


Matthew Avila, Director of Corporate Operations

Thanx drives above 20% loyalty participation rate in less than 6 weeks.

Many Paytronix loyalty programs track only 5-10% of revenue. Customers who launch on the Thanx platform achieve 20% participation in the first 6 weeks.

Comparison How it works

Unlike Paytronix, Thanx:

  • Tracks every credit/debit purchase without consumers having to jump through hoops with phone numbers, emails and codes
  • Enables your guests to pay as they normally would and earn progress without having to share personal info with staff to get progress
  • Captures 52% more data than Paytronix. And while Paytronix will tell you that “no one links cards,” in fact, hundreds of millions of consumers in the U.S. have a linked card.

Why Card-Linked Loyalty?

Paytronix programs require your customers to identify themselves to earn progress (by giving their phone number or email address to a staff member or by scanning a code).

With Thanx, guests pay with a registered card and Thanx handles the rest. Thanx user experiences auto-enroll guests at checkout and keep customers signed in upon return. Because it’s effortless, merchants using Thanx capture 52% more purchases than Paytronix.

Bubble chart showing average loyalty participation rates between Thanx (60%+ long term) and Paytronix (Often less than 10%)

Thanx is 3x more effective at getting customers to come back again.

Less than 1 in 4 Paytronix consumers make more than one purchase. With Thanx, 1 in 2 consumers become repeat guests.

Comparison The why

Unlike Paytronix, Thanx offers:

  • Lifecycle insights and recommendations designed to activate customers from enrollment to 3rd purchase with zero ongoing effort.
  • Automation “fall-in” campaigns that identify the guests that meet any criteria and send your message in response right away.
  • Easy-to-use one-click A/B testing tools that empower bandwidth-constrained teams to iteratively improve conversion rates with minimal effort.
  • One-click reordering on app and web with loyalty seamlessly built in.

See how A/B testing works

Paytronix offers no automated campaign or A/B testing capability. Running simple lifecycle campaigns to activate your newly acquired customers is a completely manual process.

Thanx offers purpose-built tools for activating and converting more customers into repeat guests and provides true A/B (and C and D!) testing with one-click automation of the winning variant. Simple, easy-to-use marketing automation and loyalty-integrated ordering UX are just two of the reasons that Thanx drives 15% higher frequency overall.

Thanx A/B testing chart showing 2 variant results on a line chart over time with Variant A outperforming Variant B

Thanx app and web experiences are designed to integrate deeply with Olo, Toast, and other major ordering providers

Branded apps built by Paytronix regularly slip below 4 stars. Thanx-built apps in the Apple store have an average 4.9-star rating.

Comparison How it works

Unlike Paytronix, Thanx:

  • Updates all of our branded apps monthly to keep up with Apple and Google OS updates.
  • Apps and web experiences are free. Aside from a modest setup fee, you’ll never pay for maintenance, improvements, or requested changes.
  • Allows merchants to update content in the app anytime. Update banners, imagery, and promotions at any time with just a few clicks. No code or developer required.

Watch video

Paytronix charges a fee for updates to your branded mobile apps. And depending on what package you buy, you might get one, maybe two updates a year. You need more than that to keep up.

Thanx updates and maintains all of our branded apps weekly for free. When we make improvements, we roll them out to all apps, automatically. Our approach removes the hassle for IT and keeps our apps fresh. That’s why Thanx apps average 4.9 stars.

The breakdown

Features Thanx Paytronix
Online ordering
Branded mobile apps Tick Tick
Web ordering Tick Partly
Pickup & delivery Tick Tick
Curbside ordering Tick Tick
Tableside ordering Tick Cross
Catering Tick Cross
Tiers-based Tick Tick
Points-based Tick Tick
Bonus points Tick Tick
Surprise & delight Tick Tick
Hidden menus Tick Partly
Experiential rewards Tick Cross
Access passes Tick Cross
Self-service program builder Tick Cross
Self-service rewards marketplace Tick Cross
One-time campaigns Tick Tick
Automated campaigns Pre-built and custom Pre-built only
Pre-built segments Tick Tick
Custom segments Tick Tick
Email, SMS, Push Tick Tick
In-app campaigns “broadcasts” Tick Cross
Lifecycle marketing campaigns Tick Cross
Lifecycle industry benchmarks Tick Cross
A/B testing for one-time campaigns Tick Cross
One-click automation of winning variant Tick Cross
Campaign reporting Tick Tick
Mobile apps
Branded app design Tick Tick
Mobile ordering Tick Tick
Integrated loyalty Tick Tick
APIs for custom mobile apps Tick Tick
Self-service content management (CMS) Tick Cross
App updates Monthly Twice a year
Subscription fee None Per loc per month
Ongoing maintenance Included $$
Support + services
Dedicated account manager Tick $$
Live chat Tick Cross
Managed user support Tick Cross