Targeted Campaigns Move Marketing from Generic to Personalized Effortlessly

Example of targeted customer engagement campaigns

Today’s savvy consumers have come to expect highly targeted and personalized communication from the merchants they do business with. Open and click rates have been in steady decline over the last five years, largely because of the countless new technologies available to filter spam. Not only is it ineffective, but it can be off-putting to truly loyal customers who don’t like being treated the same as “everyone else.”

But how are you supposed to run your business and know all your customers? That’s where Thanx comes in. But even with all the data about a specific customer, the cost (in time and energy, mostly) of analyzing the data, segmenting customers and crafting truly personalized messaging made such targeting highly problematic.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new customer segmentation engine that helps group consumers into logical, personalized categories and allows our merchants to engage customers personally based on over 40 attributes including:

  • Lifetime spend (est.)
  • Visit frequency
  • Average spend
  • Thanx “value” categories (VIP, regular, infrequent, at-risk, churned, etc)
  • Demographics (age, sex, marital status, children, etc)
  • Customer satisfaction (via Net Promoter Score)
  • Location preference
  • Day or time preference
  • Item preference
  • Responsiveness to previous promotions
  • Location (home, work, real-time)
  • And much, much more

Customer Attributes in Thanx

This is what Starbucks has been doing for years — at first they started by combining these attributes in a way that defined just seven segments (think “Weekday Warrior” who comes in religiously twice daily for the same espresso every morning and after lunch) which accurately described a surprisingly large number of their customers “perfectly”. By now there are hundreds if not more. Ultimately, this detailed segmentation enables thousands (or even infinite) custom segments that are personalized and relevant to your loyal customers so you can talk to them in a way that is targeted to their interactions with your brand and entice actual changes in behavior, not just rote reward redemption. It’s the future of marketing as generic emails and texts simply don’t work. And our new campaign tools makes it as simple as a single click to activate Targeted Campaigns.

Communicate on a personal level with Targeted Campaigns

Thanx now enables you to communicate with the right customers, with the right message at the right time. You may have heard this promise before, but we’ve got the gusto to back it up with our Targeted Campaigns. One-size-fits-all messaging fits no one and these kinds of email spray-and-pray methods quit being effective a long time ago. Go beyond “everyone” by drilling down into specific groups such as “VIPs” or “people that visit on the weekend.”

We’re introducing the most targeted campaign capabilities you’ve ever seen to enable you to use real customer data from your customers, including lifetime value, visit frequency, average check size, location, SKU level purchase data, and much more to send real emails to real people that get real results measured in revenue, not just in opens and clicks.

Say you’re opening up a new store and want to make sure customers know about it. With Targeted Campaigns, you can create some noise by reaching out to your best customers and inviting them to your grand opening. Nothing gets people’s attention like a party.

targeted VIP email from Thanx

Measure your results in real revenue using Targeted Campaigns

When you segment or break your audience into buckets based on their behavioral data the sky’s the limit when it comes to how you can message them (no offer required!) and how much revenue you can generate. And we measure revenue in real revenue generated not just a bunch of KPIs like opens and clicks that don’t tell you the full story or show you the results of your efforts.

Thanx Campaigns Dashboard

Today you’re probably sending out emails via your email service provider and you get these really cool metrics of success like open and click-thru rates. How do you know if those emails are increasing your revenue or helping you retain your customers? The truth is, you don’t. That’s why Thanx created Targeted Campaigns that prove their value by showing you conversion rate and meaningful metrics like how much the person who got the email spent at your location after getting the email. You can even see what they bought. Those are real revenue metrics that matter and now you can see them right in your Thanx dashboard.

Control Groups prove the true impact of your campaigns

We’re so confident in the power of Targeted Campaigns that we offer Control Groups to allow merchants to measure the true impact of their campaigns. For example, you can hold back 10% of your recipients from an offer and we’re able to show you the true impact of your campaign by comparing the behavior of customers who received it, with those who didn’t.

This proves the effectiveness in real revenue and data. Not like the other guys that say, “trust us, it works… wink, wink.”

Once you see Targeted Campaigns you may even decide it’s time to wave goodbye to your clunky, outdated email service provider. Either way, say hello to Thanx and to a powerful new way to supercharge your customer engagement and revenue.

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