Thanx Announces Completion of New Loyalty 3.0 Engine

Thanx Points Loyalty Engine

Introducing the industry’s first self-service loyalty solution

Brands can now make changes to their loyalty program design, rewards, and branding anytime, in real time.

Here at Thanx, we are on a mission to deliver easy-to-use tools that empower marketers. Our latest release furthers this mission by offering a completely self-service suite of loyalty capabilities that allow marketers to create and evolve their loyalty program design and brand on their own, at any time.

With these platform advancements, brands now have full control of their loyalty program design and branding directly within the Thanx dashboard. Merchants can create and edit their digital Rewards Marketplace through a real-time, self-service Rewards Marketplace Editor. Branding of points, points conversion rates, available rewards, and their associated cost can also be adjusted at any time. The new capabilities give marketers unprecedented agility and flexibility to adapt to changes in the market – whether operational, economic, or consumer – as well as update the look and feel of their experiences to reflect the most up-to-date brand initiatives and consumer trends.

Self-service, customized loyalty program branding

With Thanx’s new loyalty engine, brands can update the look and feel of their loyalty program with the ability to customize image assets and perks across all touch points to ensure brand consistency and a distinct visual experience. This offers the superior marketing agility brands need to stay relevant in today’s hyper-competitive hospitality landscape. Marketers easily select custom-branded imagery for how their points appear across digital touchpoints. For example, instead of points, customers can collect stars, crowns, coins, etc. and the brand has full control over what these look like within their loyalty program digital experiences. These can be changed as often as brands like allowing for more marketing flexibility during promotional periods, for example, collecting snowflakes during winter months as opposed to the usual branded stars. Marketers no longer have to settle for outdated branding or fail to take advantage of the latest trends because they are locked into legacy technologies.

Self-service Rewards Marketplace for more personalized perks 

Personalization can now extend to perks offered for loyalty programs with Thanx’s Rewards Marketplace. The Reward Marketplace displays a menu of perks available from the brand for guests to choose from. This means guests can choose the perks that are most appealing. Super fans can select limited edition swag and customers with a sweet tooth can choose a free dessert item. Best of all, the Rewards Marketplace reduces brands’ dependencies on discounts to drive customer engagement. Restaurants have the freedom and flexibility to design on-brand rewards and experiential perks that go beyond expensive discounts. Additionally, brands now can leverage Thanx’s self-service dashboard tools to set restrictions for reward items. Brands can grant bonus perks to a chosen segment of customers or set expiration dates for points and rewards to drive urgency or reflect the LTO status for items.

For example, right within the Thanx dashboard, a marketer can surprise top-tier customers with a high-value perk one week before making a similar but lower-value perk available to all loyalty members.

Self-service, Loyalty Program Designer

Recent spikes in the cost of goods, labor budgets, and general operating costs have restaurants of all sizes feeling margin pressures. So it’s more important than ever for marketing initiatives to show measurable impact on the bottom line. Thanx’s new loyalty engine allows teams to add or remove rewards from their marketplace and set or change the value of those rewards as needed. 

Brands also have the flexibility to configure and update the conversion rate between points and purchases, the points expiration date, and even the instructions for customers, giving brands more control over the messaging as well as the “cost” and liability associated with points. For example, brands can instantly change the conversion rate of 1 point for every 1 dollar spent to 1 point for every 2 dollars spent.


Loyalty has become a core component of restaurant marketing. But it’s expensive for restaurants to offer a generic loyalty program with a heavy focus on discounts. Selecting a loyalty platform that offers non-discount rewards and easy-to-use self-service capabilities is a crucial differentiator for winning brands. Loyalty and marketing programs need both adaptability and agility to enable brands to stay relevant to guests in an ultra-competitive hospitality landscape while navigating inevitable economic shifts. 

The launch of Thanx’s new loyalty engine completes a year-long effort to offer marketers the tools needed to thrive in the digital age. The core capabilities of the Thanx loyalty 3.0 engine include:

  • Loyalty Points Engine – The most robust and flexible points engine available to restaurants today. Core features of the points program include the self-service Loyalty Program Designer, self-service digital Rewards Marketplace, discount and non-discount rewards, custom branding of reward imagery, bonus points, and more.
  • Self-Service Loyalty Program Designer – Brands can completely customize their loyalty program structure and branding in real time. This includes full authority over the “points” conversion rate, as well as all branding elements including name, logo, imagery, how brands describe “How to Earn Rewards” and even the loyalty program fine print.
  • Self-Service Rewards Marketplace – Unlocks more choices for customers to drive higher engagement while offering brands more optionality and agility in managing their loyalty program.  Unique to Thanx, brands can create and edit rewards, assign and adjust values, set expiration dates, and more, anytime, in real time. This flexibility allows brands to react to economic shifts and fluctuating costs, ensuring that reward conversions and available rewards are favorable to their profitability. 
  • Non-Discount Rewards – Brands can avoid expensive generic promotions and send-to-all campaigns. Hidden Menus give guests a compelling reason to order direct. Access Passes provide NFT-like digital assets that can be customized to offer bespoke experiences.
  • Automated A/B Testing and Lifecycle Insights and Recommendations – Empowers brands to drive activation and engagement of customers through the customer journey. Brands can understand engagement against industry benchmarks, view recommendations, create and test campaign effectiveness and determine the next best action to drive customer lifetime value. 

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