Loyalty & CRM

Loyalty that won't cheapen your brand.

With Thanx, you can generate loyalty with the right balance of discounts and non-discount, access-based incentives. Welcome to Loyalty 3.0.

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Access Pass for Thank Loyalty offering, featuring an example access pass for VIP-only guac
The way that Thanx offers rewards feels fundamentally different, with ease of segmentation, automation of campaigns, and complete flexibility in the way we can build rewards.
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Loyalty 3.0

There’s much more to loyalty than Spend X, Get Y.

Now you can incentivize desired behaviors such as ordering direct or spending more without unnecessary discounts or coupons. Build deeper guest relationships with customizable non-discount rewards as unique as your brand.

Thanx restaurants see an average of:

User icon 20%
Participation rate w/in 6 weeks
Heart in hand icon +15%
Loyalty Visits
Money filter funnel icon 3x
Conversion to 2nd Purchase

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A loyalty program just turns into a discount program unless you first understand guest behavior. With The Velvet Room, powered by Thanx, we are using data to build personal relationships with our guests, not just with typical rewards, but with memorable experiences.
Cassie Cooper, Director of Marketing
Velvet Taco | Press Release