Loyalty & CRM

Activate data to build lasting, profitable relationships.

Offers and rewards don’t drive loyalty and brand affinity. True loyalty requires a deep understanding of the guest and the ability to engage with them as an individual.

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Most loyalty programs fail.

Why? Because rewards ≠ loyalty.

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Active guests after 2 yrs

98% of guests enrolled in Thanx loyalty programs remain active 2 years later. Compare that to traditional loyalty at 40% after just 6 months.

Problem #2

Gaps in data = lackluster business outcomes.

Better data means better ROI.

Our secret: With Thanx, purchase data is tracked automatically, resulting in better data and better outcomes. Thanx-powered loyalty programs build connections that result in increased frequency, reduced churn, and ultimately increased customer LTV.

A recent bounce back campaign had a 59% open rate and resulted in the highest return rate of guests making a second purchase within 28 days, the highest return rate we have seen since before COVID.
Molly Savage Breiner, Head of E-commerce & Digital Marketing
Urban Remedy

Beyond the basics

  • Experiential loyalty

    Guests today want to feel a connection to your brand. With flexible loyalty, you can offer unique, personalized experiences instead of promos and discounts.

  • Customized for your brand

    Loyalty is a fantastic way to differentiate and elevate your brand story. Customize your program and get creative!

  • Real-time, private channel feedback

    Capture and respond to verified customer feedback alongside purchase context. Use critical and important feedback indicators to prioritize the highest-value outreach.

  • Feedback & Keyword analysis

    Identify and resolve problems by location and staff member with automated keyword sentiment reporting powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).

AVG rate of return

Simply asking for feedback increases frequency by 7%, responding personally by 14%, and when offered with an incentive by 23%.

Problem #4

Acquiring loyal members into your database takes years.

Which means achieving a return on your investment takes years too.

Our secret: Done right, digital purchasing massively accelerates the growth of your customer database unlike any other sign-up method. In just a few weeks, you will have a wealth of data available for personalized marketing.

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Problem #5

Customer retention is not measured or prioritized.

Roughly 70% of revenue comes from 20% of your customers.

Our secret: Thanx helps you understand and segment customers based on their lifecycle stage. Because getting a second visit from a trial customer is very different than bring back a lapsed customer or driving incremental purchases from a regular.

What is LTV anyway and why is it important?

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What’s included


  • Flexible rewards: items, $ off, % off, swag and more!
  • Spend-based, visit-based, surprise and delight, and status and tiers focused loyalty programs
  • Change your program anytime
  • Custom automated programs


  • Automated loyalty programs (ie Refer-a-Friend, Reputation Manager, Birthday)
  • Rewards management - build rewards once
  • Machine-learning powered Winback
  • Multi-channel: earn and redeem loyalty benefits both online and offline


  • Lifecycle marketing reporting
  • 360 view of customer spending
  • Quarterly program reviews
  • Member sign-up and activity reporting