Our story so far.

Thanx is the guest engagement and retention platform helping physical retailers become more digitally agile. Through best-in-class digital purchasing and proprietary integrations with credit card networks (e.g. Visa), the Thanx platform effortlessly captures and activates retail data at scale, allowing physical retailers to more meaningfully engage with their customers.

Empowered with a deep understanding of customer behavior across the entire journey, brands are able to personalize guest engagement and improve their relevance and agility in an increasingly digital future. We obsess over our product, continually seeking to understand our customers, gather their feedback, and improve our technology to make their lives better.

We set lofty goals for ourselves, and we’ve assembled a team of powerhouse do’ers to help us grow and thrive. We’re looking for hard-working, imaginative, passionate, collaborative people who come to work ready to make an impact and help our merchants delight their customers and grow customer lifetime value.

Thanx has gained the investment of prominent venture and growth equity luminaries, having raised more than $30M from elite investors such as M33 Growth, Ribbit Capital, and Sequoia Capital. Join us on this journey.

Meet a few members of our team.

Diana Melkumyan


“There are various things that make Thanx a great place to work: the mission we have to help restaurants get access to cutting-edge technologies, transparent and appreciative leadership, and many opportunities for personal growth. Thanx is truly a place for A-players, which helps make constantly bringing my A-game into a habit.”

Headshot of Rachel

Rachel Kern

Product Design

“Two things I love about Thanx are the values upheld by the company, and the opportunities for personal growth. I’ve rarely seen a company lead with such transparency and integrity, and put so much emphasis on nurturing growth from within. With a strong emphasis on a culture of gratitude, I feel acknowledged and appreciated for the work I do, and get to experience the impact of my work on a daily basis.”

Amanda Tingstrom

Customer Success

“Thanx is a powerful product backed by amazing people and that’s why I wanted to be a part of it. Thanx is leading innovation in the industry and our team is driving those exciting changes. I am proud to work with a diverse group of people who bring their ideas together every day.”

Our core behaviors

We credit our success to our cultural “core behaviors”
which despite the cliché, we actually truly embody:

Find a way.

We’re undeterred by sticky challenges and encourage risk-taking outside our comfort zones but are always willing to seek guidance.

Focus on what matters.

For our merchants, it's data-driven results. For our users, it's a delightful experience. And for our team, we invest in people over perks.

Say “Thanx” genuinely.

We know thoughtful appreciation is the cornerstone of trust, caring, and collaboration — internally and externally.
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Welcome diverse perspectives.

We encourage and actively seek others’ opinions; while thoughts might be challenged, all contributors are treated with mutual respect.

Empathy over ego.

We believe in “all-hands-on-deck” and happily make sacrifices to help teammates without hesitation.