Thanx Rewards Marketplace

Thanx Points Loyalty Engine

When it comes to your loyalty benefits, the traditional “spend X, get Y” loyalty program just doesn’t cut it anymore. Guests expect choice and relevance. Thanx’s Rewards Marketplace allows restaurants to offer a robust menu of perks so guests can select the perks that are most appealing to them. Super fans can select limited edition swag and customers with a sweet tooth can choose a free dessert item. 

What’s more, restaurant marketers can update the list of available benefits, as well as their associated points values, at any time. This is essential when the cost of a food item skyrockets or when you have excess inventory you need to get rid of.

The Rewards Marketplace reduces your marketing team’s dependency on discounts to drive customer engagement. With Thanx, you have the freedom and flexibility to design on-brand rewards and experiential perks that go beyond expensive discounts. For example, you can offer a secret menu available only to guests who have accumulated enough points.

Thanx Hidden Menu Examples

Finally, restaurant marketers can leverage Thanx’s self-service dashboard tools to set restrictions for reward items. You can grant bonus perks to a chosen segment of customers or set expiration dates for points and rewards to drive urgency or reflect the LTO status for items. For example, right within the Thanx dashboard, a marketer can surprise top-tier customers with a high-value perk one week before making a similar but lower-value perk available to all loyalty members.

The bottom line…

Loyalty has become a core component of restaurant marketing. But programs that never change don’t drive participation. It is expensive to offer a generic loyalty program and even harder to drive true ROI. Selecting a loyalty platform that offers non-discount rewards and easy-to-use self-service capabilities is a crucial differentiator for winning brands. Loyalty and marketing programs need both adaptability and agility so you can stay relevant to guests in an ultra-competitive hospitality landscape while navigating inevitable economic shifts.