New Feature: Introducing Stored Value

Collect cash upfront, increase customer lifetime value, no hardware to manage
Photo of a hand tapping their phone to a credit card reader, with the UI of a Thanx Urbane Cafe stored value screen shown.

The dining experience just got a whole lot smarter with Thanx. In an exciting move reminiscent of Starbucks’ payment system, Thanx has unveiled its latest innovation — Thanx Stored Value. This groundbreaking offering allows consumers to preload funds for future digital and in-store purchases, all without the need for additional hardware.

No More Hardware Hassles

Imagine being able to pay for your favorite restaurant meals using Apple Pay or Google Pay, and the payment is directly debited from your preloaded funds within the restaurant’s mobile app. That’s exactly what Thanx Stored Value offers. And the best part? It doesn’t require restaurants to invest in costly new hardware. This technological leap is made possible through a strategic partnership with Ansa, a digital wallet platform known for its ‘wallet-as-a-service’ technology, founded by leading payments industry experts.

Endless Possibilities for Consumers

With Thanx Stored Value, consumers gain unprecedented flexibility. They can use their preloaded funds not only for in-store purchases but also for app- or web-based digital orders. Traditional stored value solutions often necessitate significant hardware investments to manage in-store payments, but Thanx+Ansa’s collaborative solution removes these barriers. This enables seamless integration with any point-of-sale (POS) provider capable of accepting Apple Pay.

Moreover, this innovative offering provides a host of benefits. It enhances customer retention and revenue by encouraging consumers to return for subsequent purchases. Plus, it ensures upfront cash flow for restaurants, as stored value balances become immediately available upon loading. Starbucks, a pioneer in this space, currently maintains a prepaid balance of approximately two billion dollars, showcasing the immense potential of such systems.

Seamless Management and Rewards

Managing funds through Thanx Stored Value is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive in-app experience. Additionally, merchants have the option to incentivize fund preloads by offering bonus offers during loading or accelerating loyalty point accruals for payments made using preloaded funds.

A Game-Changer in Guest Engagement

At Thanx, all of our digital experiences are thoughtfully designed and purpose-built to drive customer lifetime value. Thanx Stored Value is yet another tool for our customers to increase guest engagement and grow incremental revenue. In many ways, what we’re offering is superior to anything else on the market today; better economics than gift cards, no new hardware to manage, truly point of sale agnostic, and best of all, no need for consumers to even open an app to pay in-store.

– Zach Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Thanx.

LevelUp Deprecation Opens New Horizons for Thanx

After news that Grubhub would be sunsetting LevelUp, a once-popular digital payment and loyalty platform, many LevelUp customers have found their way to Thanx, recognizing it as the ultimate solution for their loyalty and digital guest engagement needs. In fact, Thanx transitioned hundreds of LevelUp locations so far this summer and has hundreds more scheduled to launch before the end of the year making Thanx the number one loyalty destination for former LevelUp brands. Previously, the absence of a feature like stored value left some customers (especially coffee brands) looking elsewhere, but with the introduction of Thanx Stored Value, this gap has been seamlessly filled.

Thanx now stands as the complete package, offering a comprehensive suite of services that have drawn a wave of former LevelUp users seeking a more streamlined and innovative approach to restaurant loyalty and payments. With Thanx Stored Value, the transition is not just smooth; it’s a leap into a more rewarding and efficient future for both restaurants and their valued patrons. Goodbye, LevelUp scanners. If you can accept Apple Pay, you can accept Thanx Stored Value payments with no new hardware.

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