What we do

Thanx is a leading provider of guest engagement technology.

Through best-in-class digital experiences and proprietary integrations with credit card networks (e.g. Visa), Thanx provides the volume and accuracy of purchase data which sits at the core of the Thanx platform. Through better actionability of data, and a focus on non-discount loyalty, Thanx helps businesses retain customers and grow their lifetime value.

Headshot of Zach Goldstein for Thanx.com
Our Vision
Brick-and-mortar commerce in the US alone is a multi-trillion dollar category but most businesses still severely lack the data and tools to deliver personalized, closed-loop marketing. Thanx is on a mission to change this permanently.
Zach Goldstein, CEO and Founder

Why we do it

Helping brick-and-mortar businesses be more data-driven.

As competition for customers’ attention intensifies, it has never been more important for brick and mortar businesses to have a 360° view of the people that keep them in business. But collecting and understanding customer data is riddled with market, resource, and technology challenges. Solving these challenges is why we get up in the morning.

Being data-driven matters

Leading the charge:

Photo of Thanx, CEO & Founder, Zach Goldstein

Zach Goldstein

CEO and Founder

Zach founded Thanx in 2011 with the goal of helping merchants identify, reward, and retain their best customers and die-hard fans. Zach is a recognized leader in the restaurant vertical having been nominated to NRN’s 2020 Power List.

Photo of Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Darren Cheng.

Darren Cheng

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Darren brings deep technical depth and breadth to the team – from true full-stack engineering, DevOps, and system design to team and process management.

Photo of Thanx Chief Product Officer and co-founder Aaron Newton

Aaron Newton

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

Aaron is a veteran of too many startups to keep track of anymore, the most recent being Cloudera where he was employee #6. He focuses his passion for data — and its potential to impact consumer behavior — on the Thanx product.

Photo of Thanx VP of Marketing, Emily Rugaber

Emily Rugaber

VP of Marketing

Emily has spent her entire career in the tech industry working across a variety of industries and functions. She believes deeply in listening to the voice of the customer — creating high-quality, helpful content and resources that move the industry forward.

Headshot of Tricia Gasparini in black and white

Tricia Gasparini

VP of Customer Success

A former partnerships and marketing leader at a Fortune 3 company, Tricia now oversees Thanx’s complete customer portfolio. She has a successful track record of combining a data-driven approach with her deep personal connection to our customers and their success.

Headshot of Kenzo for Thanx

Kenzo Hirakawa-Wong

Director of Finance and Accounting

Prior to Thanx, Kenzo consulted early stage start-ups and was most recently the first finance hire at OTTO, which was acquired by Uber. His focus is on Metrics that Matter help create a data driven environment throughout the organization.

Headshot of Henry for Thanx

Henry Gimelfarb

VP of Sales

Henry is a restaurant tech veteran, building and leading sales organizations in the space for nearly a decade. Coming from a family of restaurant operators he spent the summers during his teenage years working at his uncles’ bars and restaurants. He feels deeply connected to the industry, and has a genuine passion for delivering value to our customers every step of the way.

Headshot of Jared for Thanx

Jared Kalef

VP of Engineering

Jared is a technology leader with experience building and scaling R&D organizations across various industries and sizes, and creating data-driven engineering organizations.

Advised by the best

Thanx has gained the investment of prominent venture and growth equity luminaries, having raised more than $30M from elite investors such as M33 Growth, Ribbit Capital, and Sequoia Capital. Thanx is part of the RHI Group, a team with more than 25 years of experience in retail and data including the founders and early-executives from Datalogix, Nectar (UK), and AirMiles (Canada).

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Advisors and board members: