The easier your loyalty program is to use, the more data you capture

Thanx Benefits
  • Loyalty-integrated app and web ordering experiences which capture 100% of customers into CRM.
  • Automatically track every single purchase (using payment tokens) without hassle for your staff or customers — no more fumbling with receipts, phone numbers, or QR codes. The Thanx approach is unique for restaurants… but not unique in other industries — hundreds of millions of consumers have registered payment cards to apps like Uber and Amazon to make future interactions more frictionless.

Why Card Linked Loyalty

The Results

We disagree with Punchh — 18% is not “high” for loyalty program data capture. By contrast: restaurants on Thanx (with integrated ordering) average a capture rate of 30% with some approaching 60%.

Thanx customers see huge wins after launch:

Our secrets to more data

Credit card linkage graphic

Credit-Card Linkage

Thanx is the only loyalty program that automatically associates any payment card with the identity of your guest. That means we automatically connect today’s app order with tomorrow’s in-restaurant purchase giving you a more complete data profile for every guest and massively reducing the effort for consumers to participate. It turns out your guests — especially your highest value guests — don’t want to jump through hoops on every purchase. With Punchh a customer must scan a receipt, enter their phone number or email, or pay by app — it’s a hassle!

Mockup of Thanx web ordering example

Web Ordering

Nearly 80% on online orders occur on a website, not in an app. Yet only Thanx delivers a custom mobile-optimized web experience that looks and feels just like your app, sitting atop your preferred ordering solution such as Olo or Toast. Encouraging customers to create loyalty accounts instead of checking out as guests, allows accelerated CRM growth with Thanx. And by keeping customers automatically logged in for future purchases, reordering is a breeze (obviously their payment card is already stored in their account).

Reduce discount dependency

Generic discounts rarely achieve higher than 15% redemption rates. Thanx targeted non-discount rewards achieve 45%+ redemption rates.

Thanx Benefits:

  • Turnkey non-discount reward functionality (such as Thanx Hidden Menus) which can be activated in minutes. Sure you can pay Punchh to build you a secret menu; but turning it on in one day? No chance.
  • Track your Effective Discount Rate directly in dashboard; make changes to your Rewards Marketplace in real-time and see how the EDR changes.

Read more about loyalty “Metrics That Matter”

Check out some of our non-discount reward options:

Effective discount rate chart

Drive visit frequency… easily

Thanx Lifecycle Marketing Automations are custom-built to drive 2nd- and 3rd-purchase activation and retain customers for longer.

Thanx Benefits:
  • Lifecycle insights and marketing automations designed to activate customers from enrollment to 3rd purchase.
  • Easy-to-use one-click A/B testing tools that empower bandwidth-constrained teams to iteratively improve conversion rates with minimal effort.
  • One-click reordering on app and web with loyalty seamlessly built in.

See how Thanx makes A/B testing super easy

Distribute an app that works

Branded apps built by Punchh regularly slip below 4 stars. Thanx-built apps in the Apple store have an average 4.9-star rating.

Thanx Benefits:
  • All Thanx branded apps updated monthly to keep up with Apple and Google OS updates.
  • Apps are free. Aside from a modest setup fee, you’ll never pay for maintenance, improvements, or requested changes.
  • Allows merchants to update content in the app anytime. Update banners, imagery, and promotions any time with just a few clicks. No code or developer required.

See our App Content Management System in action

Our secret to better app updates

Thanx apps all share a core software platform which allows for greater maintainability. While the apps can be highly-customized to change their look-and-feel, having one core software platform (not offshore custom engineering) means that we can:

  • Offer updates for free (not nickel-and-dime)
  • Adapt more quickly to changes on iOS or Android
  • And when we release new features, everyone benefits — you don’t have to kick off a custom project just to add a new ordering handoff mode, VIP tier, or Apple Pay.
Mockup of an app in front of gears