Is your restaurant loyalty program working?

The first step in evaluating a transition is understanding the current performance and what might be gained from a change. Your loyalty program may be underperforming if any of these are true.

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  • You have not gained at least a 20% participation rate after year one

  • You are regularly discounting and sending out expensive generic coupons to drive frequency

  • You have higher volume through third-party digital orders than first-party orders

  • Your mobile app has fewer than 4.8 stars or you haven’t updated it in months

  • You haven’t A/B tested your loyalty communications (ie welcome emails and rewards reminders)

  • Active members make up only a fraction of your total member database

Thanx offers a modern alternative to legacy loyalty.

If you are currently using a legacy loyalty provider and you have an underperforming program, Thanx is an alternative, focused on delivering where others have failed. We focus on what actually matters: driving customer lifetime value – through digital experiences designed for data capture, marketing tools purpose-built for ease of use, and flexible loyalty program options that don’t rely on discounts.

In comparison with legacy loyalty, Thanx merchants see:

Sign-up rates
Participation rates
Higher frequency lift

Transitioning your loyalty program to Thanx is easy

  • App users keep the existing downloaded app. No new account is required; guests simply log in with their existing loyalty email.
  • Outstanding loyalty benefits are available in the new program upon login.
  • No more training staff to ask for a phone number or QR code “check in” at the register.
  • Thanx provides templates for pre-launch and launch promotions.
  • End-user support for your transition (and ongoing) is handled entirely by Thanx.
3 screenshots showing how easy it is to switch the consumer experience to Thanx
The transition from our previous app experience has been completely seamless for our customers. There was no new app to install and no new enrollment process for loyalty. The best part — our customers no longer have to pull out their phones to earn progress. Rewards progress is tracked automatically.


Otto Othman, CEO and Co-Founder

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Key deliverables in transitioning your restaurant loyalty program

Once you have determined the need for a change, it’s essential to think through your goals and the operational and guest-facing impacts of a transition.

  • Define the goals of your new program.
  • Design your new loyalty program to align with your goals.
  • Optimize mobile app and web ordering experience.
  • Determine the desired conversion of outstanding loyalty benefits.
  • Migrate guest records and loyalty data.
  • Review operational changes and train staff as needed.
  • Establish a guest communication plan.
  • Create campaigns to drive engagement with the new program.
  • Update legal language and accounting practices if needed.
  • Prepare for launch day.
To do list
The Thanx implementation was one of the best and quickest I’ve seen. Knowing the Thanx support team was personally handling customer service made for a smooth transition. The entire onboarding process supported my biggest goal, which is having the bandwidth to do more data-driven marketing without spending all day on it.


Seth Cohen, Partner and Co-Founder

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