Thanx A/B Testing

Screenshot from Thanx Automated A/B Testing Video

Automated A/B Testing allows marketers to test targeted campaigns to any audience to find the best outcome based on real results. This includes one-time campaigns as well as automated campaigns. Want to see what it takes to get your mobile app customers to come in one more time a month? Test it! Interested in learning whether VIP events or member menu exclusives drive engagement? Give it a shot!

Automated A/B Testing

Thanx A/B testing is super easy to use, and has powerful reporting. They’ve made continuous, measurable improvement a snap!

Danielle Cranmer, Digital Product Manager, DIG

Automated A/B Testing gives you limitless opportunities to understand what is working and what’s not, with options to test incentives, messages, creative, and, of course, CTAs and subject lines.


A/B testing campaign set-up and deployment is dead simple, reducing the time spent configuring a new test to just a few minutes. For example, campaign creative content can be copied from existing variants (or past campaigns) and then edited rather than starting from scratch each time. And, because you can test what incentive, if any, to include for each audience, it’s easy to determine the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign.

Selecting the winning variant is as simple as reviewing the campaign results, which includes a detailed breakdown of multi-channel engagement and net revenue, alongside standard engagement data such as opens and clicks. Once the data identifies a winner, with a single click, the best option is automated and delivered until its scheduled end date.


What’s the bottom line?

Gone are the days of guessing what the appropriate incentive should be for encouraging the third purchase this month from VIPs. With Thanx, brands can do personalized guest engagement without hiring a team of marketing analysts or allocating more of the marketing budget. 

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