Digital experiences

The world has gone digital.

Your customers expect you to engage with them on their terms. Our digital experiences allow you to do exactly that.

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With over 400+ deployments and the fastest time to launch of any solution on the market, build best-in-class CRM-integrated digital experiences right, with Thanx.

Digital ordering for restaurants

Modern ordering just got smarter.

Online ordering isn't just about having a modern and intuitive user experience. Every transaction is an opportunity to understand your guest more deeply in order to personalize and drive future interactions.

We support all dining options:

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    Stay on-brand

    Fully customized graphics, pages, and banners.

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    Update your app, whenever

    Make changes anytime with our self-service content management system (CMS).

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    Effortless user management

    Secure, passwordless, and user support is managed by us.

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    Access the full power of the Thanx platform with our extensive REST APIs.

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    Easily power use cases for loyalty, rewards, purchase capture, user management, and more!

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    Our APIs are reliable, secure and built for Enterprise scale.

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    Lock in future revenue

    Traditional loyalty programs have a lag period before you see the benefit. With Digital Deals, you can drive online revenue immediately.

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    Convenient and easy

    Sell goods, services, and targeted deals to loyalty members directly through your mobile app without the hassle of setting up a full online store.

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    Targeted with better ROI

    Target specific segments, such as VIPs, to drive repeat visits and build affinity with high-value customers rather than attracting deal seekers.

Our platform

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Loyalty + CRM

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Open platform and APIs

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