We take a different approach.

Better, accelerated data capture

Better data = better outcomes.

Without Thanx

Anonymous orders and loyalty programs that require the guest to check-in, upload a receipt, or swipe a card, result in fewer known customers and more missed purchases.

Abstract visual showing the concept of the lack of data on your guests
With Thanx

Purchases in Thanx are captured effortlessly whenever members make online purchases or swipe their credit cards. This effortlessness for guests means better data capture for you.

Abstract visualization showing that when you have good guest data you are better informed
active guests after 2 yrs

98% of guests enrolled in Thanx loyalty programs remain active 2 years later. Compare that to traditional loyalty programs where only 40% of guests remain active after 6 months.

Once a member has linked a card, tracking purchases and earning loyalty rewards is seamless; 90% of opted-in members in our database have made a purchase.
Catey Mark headshot for Thanx

Catey Mark, President Beatnic

Easy to use, personalized engagement that scales

Powerful marketing tools shouldn’t require a degree in data science.

What’s the point of powerful marketing tools if they require hours to learn and use? With Thanx, personalized engagement is easy. Thanx offers simple tools for testing, recommendations when you need them, and automation for what already works.

With offline marketing tactics being hard to measure, you often worry you’re just spending money and hoping to get a good result. With Thanx, we’re able to use targeted marketing to reach our most loyal customers and hyper-target segments of our audience to get an ideal result.

David Ingel, Managing Partner Dewey's Pizza

Ease of personalization examples including text and email

Low, predictable total cost of ownership (TCO)

The only constant is change. But how much should change cost?

With our intuitive content management system (CMS), you can update your digital experiences anytime and our low, fixed development fee means that you’ll never pay for another mobile app upgrade again. Thanx has a predictable total cost of ownership (TCO) so ongoing innovation isn’t an ongoing trade-off.

Flexible foundation as you evolve

Break free from your technology.

With Thanx, there’s no complicated POS integration to manage which means changing your underlying tech is easy. What’s more, you can start with a branded app and switch to a custom experience later, no problem!

We are always looking for ways to innovate and constantly evaluating new technology to support that innovation. With Thanx, I don’t feel locked into any one system and that helps us evolve and stay competitive long-term.

Justin Keenen, Director of IT Tocaya Organica

Guidance every step of the way

Take the shortest path to digital maturity.

Proven digital strategy roadmap

Industry-leading success advisors

Fully-managed user support

We wanted to move to a platform that allowed us to move quickly and take action on data in real-time. We were also looking for a partner with a thought-leading vision who could accelerate us into the modern era.
Garrett Mills profile pic

Garrett Mills, CEO RibCrib

Are you on the right track?

Assess your digital maturity

Our platform

Loyalty is simply one piece of the bigger picture.

Digital experiences

Optimized for conversion and accelerated data capture.



Identifying and engaging customers should be easy.


Loyalty + CRM

Create human connections as unique as your guests.


Open platform and APIs

Break free from tech lock-in.