Thanx Exclusive Deals: Sell goods and services from within your loyalty app

Thanx Exclusive Deals turns your loyalty app into another revenue stream for your business by giving you the tools you need to sell goods and services from within Thanx.

Thanx Launches In-App Purchasing to Tie Hard ROI to Loyalty

Restaurants and retailers use Thanx Exclusive Deals to drive targeted revenue from loyalty program members.

Loyalty programs should be transparent in the revenue they drive for their merchants — and here at Thanx, we’re making good on that promise with our latest release. Today, we announced the launch of Exclusive Deals, which enables merchants to sell goods, services, and targeted deals to their loyalty members directly through the Thanx app.

Thanx Exclusive Deals generates hard ROI for merchants by giving loyalty program users a way to purchase deals from the merchants they already support. A departure from the untargeted “daily deals” trend that has dominated the restaurant and retail marketing scene since the early 2010’s, Exclusive Deals grants access to offers exclusively to loyalty members and can be targeted to specific segments such as VIPs, thus driving repeat visits and increased spend from high-value customers rather than attracting deal-seeking, one-time customers with untargeted discounts. Through our partnership with Stripe, Thanx collects payment for these goods and services up front, driving immediate mobile revenue and delivering value for merchants in a way that other loyalty programs cannot — Thanx uniquely writes checks to our merchants each month for in-app sales.

“We created Exclusive Deals to provide merchants with a brand new revenue stream and a way to delight loyal customers even when they aren’t within the four walls of the store. VIP  restaurant experiences, behind the scenes classes, BOGO-style purchases, and much more,” explains Zach Goldstein, Thanx Founder & CEO. “The digital channel is normally hard to measure for brick-and-mortar businesses. Exclusive Deals drive pure incremental revenue.”

An early adopter of Thanx Exclusive Deals, Crew Carwash, a 30-location business in Indiana, sees huge potential for selling wash books through the Thanx loyalty app. Sally Grant, EVP at Crew Carwash, explains: “We worked with Thanx to come up with the perfect solution for selling wash books digitally. We wanted a frictionless solution for our customers that allows us to easily track and tie purchases back to an individual, so we can not only know our customers and their preferences better, but also see exactly how much revenue is flowing through our loyalty app. We anticipate getting to a point very quickly where revenue generated in-app more than covers the cost of the technology,” adds Grant.

“Loyalty technology has been plagued with a perception problem; Traditional loyalty programs often fail to demonstrate ROI,” says Goldstein. “We hang our hat on our ability to demonstrate that Thanx is directly generating revenue for our merchants. To that end, Thanx has eliminated uncertainty and replaced it with transparency, cutting merchants a check every month for revenue generated through Exclusive Deals,” he adds.