Surprise and Delight Loyalty Brings Flexibility to Rewarding Customers

Surprise and Delight Loyalty from Thanx

Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to the Thanx suite of customer engagement and marketing automation tools. This time around we have a huge surprise (pun intended). Our latest enterprise-level program, called Surprise and Delight, helps you create stronger relationships with your customers by offering delightful, unexpected rewards.

The Surprise and Delight feature does exactly what it says – allows you to surprise and delight customers, unexpectedly rewarding them with incentives of your choosing, based on parameters that you decide. Unlike other loyalty programs, customers don’t expect to get a specific reward if they do something, which means that you can fine-tune the program until you find the most delightful experience. It’s a win-win for customers, who love the surprises, and for you because you can adjust the program in order to maximize results.

Let us explain…

An unexpected treat can make a customer’s day, leading to an emotional connection with your brand. Surprise and delight campaigns reward your customer seemingly at random. The reward that is offered can be anything that you choose: a free burger, a side of fries, or a free car wash – you get the idea. You decide what reward to offer, how frequently the customer wins and the likelihood of winning each item, and best of all, what the requirements are for redemption.  You can use the rewards to introduce customers to new menu items, try out a new store, or come by at lunch instead of breakfast – it’s flexible marketing designed to drive targeted results.

Surprise and Delight fosters a unique bond with your customers by showing that you understand who they are, how they interact with your brand, and what they might like to in the future.

How Surprise and Delight Works

As a merchant, you are in total control of how often customers have a chance of being rewarded (the probability), as well as what they can be rewarded with. Because Surprise and Delight is not an “expected” reward, you can change the structure of the program including the rewards offered and the probability of winning each reward without explaining to customers what’s changing and why. Surprise and Delight can be adjusted in real-time with no communication to customers required. This means you have the ultimate flexibility to surprise and delight your customers while learning more about them and driving a specific behavior.

Wrap up

We can’t wait for you to try out Surprise and Delight and all of Thanx’s powerful customer engagement and marketing automation featuresschedule a demo today and unlock the power of customer engagement.