Target Customers with Location-Based Campaigns

Target customers based on location with Thanx

Location data is a powerful tool allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns based on where customers live, work or shop to increase the relevancy of your messages. We’re excited to announce a new suite of location-based campaigns powered by location data.

Boost traffic at an underperforming location

It’s only natural that some locations perform better than others, but now there’s something you can do about it. Choose to run promotions specific to a specific location or cross-promote traffic from nearby locations to give an underperforming location the boost it needs.

Re-open a location

Sometimes you need to temporarily close a location for renovations or re-branding. But during that time your customers may be finding alternatives. Now you can target customers who visited the closed location and encourage them to visit another nearby location, and when your store is open again, you can tell them directly.

Close a location

The only thing worse than telling a customer that their favorite location is closing is not telling them. Get ahead of potential negative reactions by letting your regulars know that you’re shutting down and redirecting them to a nearby location. Just because you’re shutting the doors, doesn’t mean you have to lose customers.

Engage customers at a specific location

Sometimes there are things going on that are only relevant to a specific location, for instance, a new menu, new opening hours or a special event. Now you can engage with customers based on the location they visit so they only see information that’s relevant to them.  

Specific location based campaign from Thanx

Wrap up

Try our new location powered campaigns today and let your customers know what’s going on at the location closest to them.