Offer Management

Easily design, test, and deploy offers and promotions that drive revenue.

Centralized rewards management

Manage promotions and rewards directly in your Thanx Rewards Manager. Create rewards templates — e.g. “$5 off”, “double points” or “secret breakfast menu” — to be used in your loyalty Marketplace, with one-time promotions, and/or with ongoing marketing automations.

Thanx rewards manager

Engage guests, without expensive discounts

Break free from a dependency on discounts. Thanx Non-Discount Reward templates such as Hidden Menus, Bonus Points, and skip-the-line Access Passes make it easy to incentivize guests with access and exclusivity, protecting margins and attracting higher lifetime value guests. Don’t worry, we also support any discount-based reward you think of.

Non-Discount Reward examples from Thanx

A/B test and learn

Seamlessly A/B test different reward types to determine their impact on revenue. Iterate through infinite variations with a few clicks. Easily automate the best-performing variant based on the cost of the reward relative to revenue generated.

A/B testing UI from Thanx

Monitor redemptions and manage promotional costs

With Thanx, you can closely monitor the redemption rates of every reward. Thanx also automatically calculates your effective discount rate so that you know which rewards are most attractive to your guests and what they are costing you.

Examples of reports from Thanx

Digital Redemption

Easy discovery and redemption of loyalty rewards and one-time promotions right in the mobile app & web ordering experience.

How it works

Consumers can view all available rewards in their loyalty account and are presented with their active offers and promotions during the online checkout flow.

With one simple toggle, consumers can apply the reward they want. Thanx handles basket validation to ensure the cart meets the promotional criteria (e.g. “$5 off when spending $20 or more” or “BOGO fries”).

Available loyalty rewards (based on points balance) are shown alongside their cart; successful redemption automatically deducts the points from their balance.

Two UIs from the Thanx app showing how to apply a reward

Integrations & supported platforms

Thanx is deeply integrated with all of the leading digital ordering platforms.

Grid of 6 logos

In-Store Redemption

Includes a wide range of options to support reward redemption in any format.

How it works

Limited service

Every quick-serve or fast-casual restaurant operates differently. That’s why Thanx reward redemption in-store is highly configurable. Depending on your point of sale, rewards can be delivered via:

  • Time-expiring one-time redemption codes
  • QR or UPC codes optimized for scanners
  • Alphanumeric codes for manual entry at POS (one-time or multi-use)
  • Phone number lookup at the register
  • Phone or email lookup on a kiosk
UI of Thanx barcode redemptionThanx UI showing alphanumeric reward redemptionThanx UI showing QR code redemptionExample UI of redeeming a reward via POS interface for a phone number lookupExample of adding a reward via a Kiosk interface

How it works

Full service

Full-service loyalty has always been a pain — consumers don’t want to jump through hoops to earn rewards. With Thanx, earning rewards is as simple as swiping a credit card, resulting in far greater data capture. Redemption is a moment to greet your loyal guest and recognize their value. Thanx makes this easy for your guests and your servers:

  • Time-expiring one-time redemption (manager comp)
  • Alphanumeric codes for manual entry at the POS (one-time or multi-use)
  • Phone number lookup at the register
  • Seamless integration with tableside digital ordering and pay-at-table
Thanx UI showing alphanumeric reward redemptionExample UI of redeeming a reward via POS interface for a phone number lookupThanx UI showing an example for Tableside UIThanx UI showing a timed reward redemption experience

Integrations & supported POS

Thanx works with nearly any POS out of the box.

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Choosing the redemption strategy right for you

Digital Only

  • Pro: Entirely eliminate operational hassle — no training of staff, no wrangling POS. Marketing can iterate on campaigns and loyalty without discussing it with operations or IT. By eliminating the in-store burden, you can test nearly infinite promotional variations simultaneously, just like e-commerce.
  • Pro: Drive consumers to first-party digital channels (web/app plus in-store tableside ordering or kiosks); omni-channel consumers visit more frequently. Results in higher loyalty capture rate over time; 100% of digital purchases are captured in your CRM for future marketing.
  • Con: While nearly every consumer is now familiar with digital ordering (on an app, at a kiosk, on a mobile website) — even grandma has used Uber or Doordash — a small minority of guests may clamor for the “old-fashioned way”.

Digital + In-Store

  • Pro: A true 360º loyalty experience for consumers, offering a range of options to every guest to choose how they want to participate with the brand.
  • Pro: Opportunity to specifically drive consumers to in-restaurant experience with in-store-only promotions, including experiential non-discount reward options not available off-premises or via digital.
  • Con: Can increase the operational complexity of running multiple promotions or A/B testing reward variations.
  • Con: No matter what, in-store redemptions are always more susceptible to fraud.