Thanx announces new sign-up flow to delight customers and increase data capture

New sign-up flow screens

We are excited to announce a new and improved sign-up flow that improves the customer experience and increases data capture rates.

Drive program sign-ups

With the new flow, your customers will be asked for their email first to be immediately enrolled in your program and captured in Thanx. By moving the email field front and center, you can expect to see a big uptick in your sign-up rate.

Effortless for customers, better data capture

Encouraging credit card linkage is still an important part of providing an effortless experience for customers and capturing as many transactions as possible. That’s why we made linking a card the next step in the flow. Customers are encouraged to link a card and are reminded of the benefits if they opt-out.

Option to upload receipts

Some of your customers may prefer not to link a card as part of a sign-up. For them, sign-up can be completed without linking a card. Once they’ve signed-up and enroll in the program, you can send targeted messages and incentives to encourage them to link a card.

Capture preferred location

With the new sign-up flow, we can now capture additional information like preferred location as part of the sign-up process. We plan to roll-out new campaigns in the future that will allow you to target guests based on their preferred location. Stay tuned for details!

Wrap up

For existing customers, we have already rolled out these changes across many of our branded apps and will be implementing this improvement in the Thanx app shortly. Please reach out if you have any questions at all!

For prospective customers, schedule a demo today to learn more about how great guest experiences across digital channels can increase incremental revenue and delight customers.