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Oath Pizza combines best-in-class online ordering with customer loyalty.

Oath Pizza partnered with Thanx to create the Oath Insider program including loyalty, CRM, marketing automation, feedback, a mobile app and digital ordering across both web and mobile. Thanx ordering leads the pack when it comes to modern, intuitive ordering. Oath Insider enables Oath Pizza to bridge the gap between in-store and off-premise purchases helping operators attract and retain customers while making it simple for customers to earn and redeem rewards.

With Thanx, we wanted to create a sophisticated ordering experience that holds up to our high standards in food quality and brand consistency. Thanx is helping us bridge the gap between the digital and in-store experience so our customers can interact with us in a way that is completely seamless and intuitive. Stacie Colburn Hayes, VP of Marketing Oath Pizza

Seamless digital ordering + customer loyalty.

The Oath Insider program enables customers to seamlessly order directly through the app and on the web. Because loyalty is integrated into the process, it’s easy to convert guests to become loyalty members with one click. Guests who order online become connected members that can be communicated with so the brand stays top of mind.

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Personalized campaigns deliver engaging experiences.

The Insider program enables Oath Pizza to track and better understand customer spending habits so they can develop more personalized, actionable, and measurable customer engagement campaigns. In a highly competitive market, Oath is able to use the program as a differentiator to engage their customers, own the data, the experience, and the results.

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