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The Customer Engagement Challenge

EVO wanted a way to capture guest feedback and respond in real-time to increase customer engagement and build relationships for their growing entertainment brand.

The Approach

EVO makes reviewing the customer feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS) data they get from Thanx part of the daily routine of every general manager. GMs review customer feedback each morning and respond personally using Thanx. EVO takes customer feedback so seriously that the CEO monitors feedback and responses to make sure GMs are responding effectively and in a timely manner. The goals are to address customer issues in real-time, thank customers for their feedback, and drive a high rate of return customers.

The Solution

EVO uses the out-of-the-box customer feedback and NPS features from Thanx to effectively capture real-time customer feedback and respond personally ensuring a high rate of return.

Thanx measures customer satisfaction and sentiment after every purchase — in real-time, in private, and tied to specific, actual customers which helps EVO quickly zero in on feedback without having to manually sort through, categorize, or analyze the feedback for common trends. Thanx does it all for them.

Recently, a new customer visited EVO and gave a low NPS score of 2 out of 10 with specific feedback for the theater she had visited. The GM responded personally to the feedback which resulted in the customer coming back to the theater. Just 4 months later, the customer is in EVO’s top 25% of customers and visits 1175% more frequently than their average customer (a whopping 13 times a month). EVO turned a dissatisfied customer into one of their best customers. That’s the power of customer engagement and feedback at its best.

Wrap up

Learn more about Thanx Campaigns and see how EVO uses feedback to engage their best customers in the full case study.