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One tool to engage all your customers.

Import your customers’ contact details. Message your customers through emails, texts and push notifications.

Send a message to everyone or send targeted, personalized messages using pre-set segments based on customer behaviors.
Send email marketing messages, SMS, and texts all from one platform - List Send email marketing messages, SMS, and texts all from one platform - Audience

Efficient, effective and easy to use.

Thanx does all the heavy lifting to make sure your campaigns reach the right customers at the right time.

Smart Defaults Campaign defaults are set by Thanx to optimize for the biggest reach and ROI. Automated Campaigns Set it and forget it. Thanx keeps your customers engaged so you can focus on everything else.
Reach the right customer with the right message at the right time.
Thanx Optimization We’ve found that campaigns sent in the morning (9am - 11am) have the highest engagement.

Powerful and sophisticated campaigns without an army of marketers.

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Send a message to everyone

Engage all of your customers.

Customizable email templates keep your branding on point and engage all of your customers from a single platform driven by data and measured in revenue.

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Track the revenue impact of every email sent.

Using Thanx Campaigns, we’re able to reach our most loyal customers to get an ideal result.

David Igel, Managing Partner
Dewey’s Pizza
20% increase in revenue from one email
Send a targeted message

You have business goals, targeted campaigns help you hit the mark.

20+ highly segmented campaigns align with your business objectives and drive changes in your customers’ behaviors.

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Send targeted messages to a segment of your audience to change customer behavior

Shift foot traffic to the time of day that matters most.

With Thanx targeted Campaigns, we can customize our messages and offers by location and by customer to target the specific needs and unique differences for each. That’s targeted marketing done right.

Cheyenne Terbrueggen, Marketing Manager, Elephants Deli
43% increase in weekend brunch traffic
Automated campaigns

Automated campaigns do the work for you.

Automated campaigns run in the background and increase revenue while you manage your business. Retain your best customers, drive foot-traffic, and manage your reputation without lifting a finger.

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Set it and forget it with Thanx Automated Campaigns - Desktop Set it and forget it with Thanx Automated Campaigns - Mobile

Feedback engages and retains your best customers.

The guest feedback we get using Thanx has been an absolute game-changer for EVO. We’re empowered to respond personally to guests ensuring we address any issues and keep them coming back.

Sandra Sullivan, Director of Internal Development
EVO Entertainment Group
64% guest return rate when feedback responded to
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Customer engagement in the era of hyper-personalization.

Discover how to engage your customers like never before with a hyper-personalized strategy that will drive results.

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Thanx is your total customer engagement platform.