Remove the pain associated with traditional loyalty programs.

Thanx is loyalty reimagined.

Frictionless Experience

Easy to use, Thanx captures the most complete customer data.

Demonstrable ROI

Loyalty should be a revenue driver, not a cost center.

Fully Automated

Set it and forget it campaigns allow you to engage with customers around the clock without sucking up time and resources.

Fastest Time to Market

Without hardware or IT integrations, Thanx can have your program up in running in weeks, not months.

Actionable Insights

Real-time qualitative and quantitative feedback helps you improve your business.

World Class Support

24/7 customer support and guidance at no extra charge.

Revenue on mobile

Unlike other loyalty programs that guess at ROI, Thanx directly captures revenue in the app.


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Hard ROI

Thanx defines success by how much revenue our campaigns drive. No more guesswork; The results are in the dashboard.


Thanx now includes ROI reporting  — Explore Thanx 2.0

patterns in loyalty

An increase in customer retention of just 5% can result in as much as a 100% increase in profitability

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Artificial intelligence with real results

Thanx’s AI-driven platform for customer loyalty is proven to change customer behavior and drive measurable results for merchants.

Check out how Thanx uses AI to win back lost customers

Most complete customer data

An effortless experience for your customers means no breakage in data collection. Most loyalty programs plateau over time—Thanx programs keep growing.

No hardware requirements

Thanx works with any point-of-sale or payment processor; integration isn’t required for a data-rich program. You avoid hardware maintenance and checkout friction.


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Built for operators

With Thanx, you don’t need a data scientist to segment customers or run sophisticated campaigns. Thanx does the heavy lifting and analysis so you don’t have to.

patterns in loyalty

58% of loyalty members in the U.S. are inactive—most within the first 12 months.


Join the world's smartest loyalty program. No hardware, no plastic cards—just incredible ROI and happier customers.