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Customer data differentiates winners and losers in every industry. Don’t fly blind.

It all starts with knowing your customers personally…as if you were on point 24 hours a day and had an infallible memory. Thanx is the system of record for your customer data enabling smarter decisions throughout every element of your business.

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In depth customer profile data
Customer profiles/CRM

Do you really know your customers?

We’ve got in-depth data with all the deets about your customers including vital stats like average check, visits per month, lifetime value, what they buy, when they buy, and much more.

Customer feedback and sentiment in Thanx

Anonymous feedback is hard to act on.

Thanx measures customer satisfaction after every purchase — in real-time, in private, and tied to specific, actual customers. Net Promoter Score is a leading indicator of success; Thanx even identifies what customers are most commonly saying when they rave or complain so you can take action.

Thanx dashboard customer data insights
Insights — Quartile/Daypart

Not all customers are created equal.

Even fast-growing businesses have slow times. Our at-a-glance reports tell you when your best customers are coming in and what they’re worth. No analytics team required. With Thanx, deadtime is a thing of the past and VIPs finally get the love they deserve.

VIP Customer data in Thanx
VIP Customers

The 80/20 rule is real.

Almost 80% of your revenue comes from just one-fifth of your customers. Acquiring new customers is important, but it’s seven times more cost effective to gain an incremental visit from an existing customer. Do you know who your VIPs are?

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The right person. With the right message or promotion. Through the right communication channel. At the right time.

Stop blasting customers with blanket promotions that don’t work. Thanx is your automated customer engagement platform that does the work of marketing for you.

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Respond personally to customer feedback
1-to-1 personal communication

Intercept feedback — before it gets to Yelp.

With Thanx, you know the value of every customer and when they visited so you can respond appropriately. Reply to everyone or focus on those who matter most (do it personally or give responsibility to GMs/franchisees). You can even provide an incentive to return.

Segmented campaigns from Thanx
One-click segmented campaigns

Sending the same message to everyone is so 1999.

Thanx targets the weekend-only customer who you want to see on Wednesdays, informs the VIP of your newest store opening closer to their office, and stops sending dessert promotions to the health-conscious diner (except on cheat days of course). Modern consumers expect personalization; Thanx turbocharges it.

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Customer Loyalty Bronze Tier from Thanx Customer Loyalty Silver Tier from Thanx Customer Loyalty Gold Tier from Thanx Customer Loyalty Tiers from Thanx

Your program should be as flexible as a yogi.

With tiers you can do your best airline impression and reward customers differently — invitations to special events, rad schwag, or whatever you can imagine. Thanx is infinitely flexible.

Help your customers go for the gold!


It pays to keep in touch.

Remember Sully, that customer who used to come in all the time? Until he didn’t. What happened? Thanx merchants don’t have to wonder; they’ve got the power of Winback, the most sophisticated automated retention tool on the market — with “set-it-and-forget-it” simplicity.

Cross-channel customer engagement campaigns in Thanx
Cross-channel, because your customers are

Email. Push notifications. Social. SMS.

Talk to your customers where they are — everywhere — not just wherever you built your marketing platform five years ago. Thanx pulls in your data from existing email, SMS and social lists and helps you convert those regular customers into your inner circle loyalists.

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