Thanx automates customer loyalty, feedback, and engagement marketing to help brands build deeper relationships with their customers.

Loyalty reimagined

Focus on relationships, not discounts.

  • One size doesn’t fit all. Thanx reward programs are easily customizable to address your unique business objectives and customer needs.
  • Focus efforts on your most frequent, highest-spend customers who generate the most value for your business.

Easy to use

Thanx is effortless for both customers and merchants.

  • Thanx doesn’t require customers to jump through hoops to get recognized — they simply pay as usual and their spend is automatically recorded.
  • No hardware or POS integration required for businesses. Be up and running — and driving real results — in days.


Thanx is “always on” — it’s like having a personal concierge working around the clock to manage and maximize relationships with your customers.

  • Automagically reach out to customers after they transact and tie feedback to specific transactions.
  • Surprise and delight customers for special occasions, like birthdays, or any other customizable trigger.
  • Eliminate peaks and valleys. Drive your best customers to visit on slower days or times.

Thanx drives revenue for offline businesses by collecting critical customer data and delivering automated, personalized marketing campaigns that deliver real ROI

Increase your sales today