How to Stop Blasting Your Customers and Start Marketing Smarter

smart marketing tactics from Thanx

Back in the day, a common way to reach subscribers was to send an email blast. You’d draft a generic newsletter, send it out, hope it resonated with subscribers, and do it all over again.

With advancements in marketing technology and customers demanding more personal experiences from brands, this method of blasting is (or at least should be) obsolete. Why? The short answer is the batch-and-blast doesn’t add value for subscribers or drive results for business owners. One-size-fits-all fits no one in this day and age. Easier and smarter marketing approaches now exist that help you reach the right customers at the right time—marketing approaches that lead to personalized customer experiences, re-engagement, and customer loyalty.

In this post, we’ll explore 7 tips to kick email blasts to the curb and use smarter marketing tactics to engage your customers and increase revenue. 

1. Grow your loyalty membership with email marketing

A highly effective way to grow your loyalty program member base it to use email marketing. Thanx integrates with email marketing providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact so we can upload your list of email subscribers and send a drip campaign right from within Thanx. The drip campaign can extol the benefits of joining your program and provide an easy link to sign up making it effortless for your customers.

This speeds up your subscriber growth rates, allows customers to engage with your brand across another important channel, and helps customers immediately start receiving targeted offers.

If you’re wondering about the strength of loyalty-powered emails, let the data do the talking. Emails targeted to loyalty program members have 40% higher open rates, 22% higher click rates, and transaction rates and revenue per email that are 29% and 11% higher, respectively, according to Experian. ExactTarget also found that loyalty-powered emails generate up to 50% higher response rates versus regular promotional emails.

2. Stay informed with a 360 degree view of your customer data

Another common reason teams make poor marketing decisions is because they have an incomplete view of customer data. In other words, they don’t have all the information to understand what customers really want and need, or that information isn’t accurate.

Thanx offers a solution to this problem with a centralized data dashboard. The dashboard gives you a robust look into who your customers are, who your most loyal customers are, and why.

You have access to deep customer insights that are easy to understand. You can see complete customer profiles, behavioral information, spending behavior, feedback, lifetime value, and more. Additionally, you have access to ROI reporting tools as well as NPS and feedback tools, so you can engage directly with your customers.

This robust customer data helps you learn more about your customers in ways you never thought possible, so you can offer smarter and more personalized offers and rewards.

3. Get customer feedback in real-time

Customer feedback is worth its weight in gold to your business. After all, customers are the ones who affect the bottom line of your business. When you know what they like and what they dislike, it’s easier to make smarter marketing and business decisions.

Thanx takes customer feedback to a whole new level by offering real-time customer feedback. This means as soon as a customer sends you feedback through Thanx, you’ll get a notification and have the opportunity to respond personally. This helps you manage and resolve customer complaints, keep negative feedback off social media and third-party review sites like Yelp, and implement positive customer feedback right away.

Not only does responding to feedback help manage your reputation and keep customers happy, but when you respond to feedback privately, you have the opportunity to drive incremental revenue by 14-21%.

4. Increase redemption rates with smart offers

Whether you offer loyalty offers with traditional methods or with Smart Offers from Thanx, your on the right track. Where it makes the difference, however, is in the results.

Smart Offers from Thanx allow you to segment and target offers based on customer data. Additionally, you can track program participation, track the impact of campaigns from beginning to end, and see the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Using Smart Offers from Thanx means you’re making smart marketing choices. In fact, when you target segments of your loyalty members, you can see redemption rates of up to 75%. It just makes sense.

5. Increase response rates with segments

Part of making smarter marketing decisions includes sending the right message to the right person at the right time. This is what Segment Builder from Thanx does for you.

With Segment Builder, you can tag customers based on unique attributes and market to them in ways that make more sense. You can create custom offers for different segments and increase chances of redemption.

When you segment your lists, you can increase your response rates by 16X. When offers are relevant to the customer, it increases the chances of them opening the offer and using it to spend more money with your company. It’s a win-win.

6. Drive incremental revenue with birthday rewards

Part of the data Thanx collects from customers when they sign up is their birthday. That way, when the customer’s birthday rolls around, you can send them an automated offer to come and redeem a birthday reward.

Not only does this let customers know you are thinking about them on their birthday, but it also provides an opportunity to increase your revenue. Guests that redeem birthday offers are visiting outside of their normal frequency. This drives incremental revenue, and birthday customers typically spend 31% more than their normal purchases.

Additionally, with Thanx, merchants can track the ROI of their campaigns to see how they perform to ensure you are ROI positive

7. Winback lost customers with smart AI

Don’t you wish you knew why your customers may have stopped visiting your business? How would you feel if you could reach out to customers with the perfect message to get them to come back to your store and show the same loyalty they did months previously?

Winback from Thanx is the answer to your dreams. Thanks uses AI tools to look for anomalies in visit behavior. Using AI, Thanx solves the churn mystery and allows businesses to automatically reach out to win back lost customers.

Wrap up

If you’re looking to connect in more meaningful ways with customers and re-engage with past customers, it’s time to stop blasting and look into a smarter marketing technology. It’s time to look into Thanx.