Winback lost customers and generate 6X ROI

Every customer has a different visit pattern. Identifying customer churn is complex and challenging to businesses without data analysts. Using AI, Thanx solves the churn mystery and allows businesses to automatically reach out to win back lost customers.

Winback in action

Jane used to come to Acme Sandwich every few weeks… but it’s now been a month and she hasn’t been in. Thanx looks for anomalies in visit behavior using sophisticated AI tools. When Thanx detects a lapse in frequency, it automatically reaches out to Jane with a special offer to win her back. Jane receives the offer and is reactivated: she comes in for a sandwich with her friend the very next day. But, best of all, following a great experience, she returns to her normal visit behavior. See you in 2 weeks, Jane.

Loyalty reimagined is tools like Winback, proven to drive 49% of lapsed customers back into the store.