You need more than an app and a loyalty program.

The rapid rise of digital and off-premises dining, accelerated by COVID-19, has triggered the transformation of restaurants as we know them. It’s time to turn your offline business “on”.

Leading restaurant brands trust Thanx.

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Customer database growth

Thanx native CRM-integrated ordering accelerated the growth of Little Big Burger’s member database 7.5x over a 20 week period.

When you order digitally, it’s just so easy to sign up. As our digital business grows, it becomes the flywheel of the business. People opt in to join the program. With the explosive growth of delivery and pickup, we’re able to drive more members. So it just then becomes a constant cycle.
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Tressie Lieberman, VP of Digital and Off-Premise, Chipotle

Our customers, in their own words:

After the roll-out of Thanx CRM-integrated ordering, Little Big Burger saw a 12.1% increase in SSS in the 20 weeks following launch and a 7.5x increase in loyalty sign-ups. Similarly, Burgers Grilled Right saw a 9.0% SSS increase and a 5X increase in sign-ups.

Fred Glick, President, Amergent Hospitality Group, Inc.

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Thanx has allowed us to easily identify and reward our most loyal guests. Among loyalty program participants, the average 60 day spend of our loyal guests is 41% higher than the average guest. We’ve used the Thanx platform to surprise and delight them with free trials of new menu items and special, targeted offers.

Catey Mark Meyers, President, Beatnic

We wanted a platform that allowed us to move quickly and take action on data in real-time. We were also looking for a partner with a thought-leading vision who could accelerate us into the modern era.

Garrett Mills, CEO, RibCrib

We wanted a guest engagement technology that worked seamlessly with our existing and future technology systems. Thanx was that technology.

Justin Keenen, Director of IT, Tocaya Organica

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