How Day-Part and Week-Part Offers Help Drive Foot Traffic

Day part and week part campaigns from Thanx

Targeted offers are the perfect way to reach the right customer at the right time, especially when it comes to driving traffic. Each customer has their own behavioral patterns and merchants can use customer data to send targeted offers that directly increase foot traffic during a specific time or part of the week.

Day-part and week-part offers do just that. These offers encourage customers to visit during a specific time, or part of the week, like weekdays or weekends.

A customer engagement platform like Thanx analyzes customer behavioral data to see which customers visit your locations at which times during the day and week. Once you identify patterns, you can send targeted offers to incentivize your customers to visit more often.

In this post, we will explore how day-part and week-part offers actually help drive traffic to your business and grow your revenue by increasing overall visit frequency.

Drive traffic to a specific day or time

There are several reasons why merchants want to drive traffic during a specific day or time. For example, let’s say a pizzeria is celebrating its 30th birthday, and they want to make sure customers visit their business on that day. With Thanx, they could send a targeted day-part 20% offer to all of their best customers to drive traffic on that specific day.

Thanx Customer Engagement Campaigns

Another main reason why day-part and week-part offers are great is that it can incentivize customers to visit your business during slow days or hours. If you own a coffee shop and only see foot traffic during the weekday mornings before everyone’s early commute, you can send targeted offers to motivate customers to visit your shop during the afternoon or during the weekends. The more frequently customers visit your business, the more ROI you will generate.

For example, Elephants Deli, an Oregon-based delicatessen, and catering company learned that by targeting their weekday customers with day-shift offers in Thanx, they could significantly increase their weekend traffic.

Elephants Deli analyzed their week-part data and noticed that the majority of their customers visit their deli during the weekdays and they wanted to drive more customers to visit on the weekends. They incentivized their weekday customers by sending them targeted day-shift offers that promoted a weekend brunch at one of their locations.

Elephants Deli Customer Engagement Case Study

After sending the targeted day-shift offer, they immediately saw a 43% increase in weekend brunch traffic and a 50% increase in their Thanx customer loyalty member sign-ups. Their targeted offer was a huge success and helped inform a new day-part and week-part offer strategy to drive more traffic to their different locations.

Day Shift results


Use personalized targeting

Your day-part and week-part offers can also vary customer to customer based on their unique behavior.  Thanx automatically analyzes visit frequency patterns of each customer to inform you which days and times customers usually visit your business.

If for example, your customer Sterling visits your restaurant for dinner only on the weekends, you can send Sterling a 15% offer for a meal during the week. This offer increases the number of times Sterling visits your business on average and will help you generate more ROI while building loyalty with Sterling.

Targeting your customers with personalized day-part and week-part offers can encourage them to visit your business during a time or day that they normally wouldn’t.

Day shift campaigns

Measure the impact of your campaigns

Once you’ve sent day-part and week-part offers, Thanx will immediately measure the impact in revenue not just vanity metrics. Go beyond opens and clicks to see how many customers increased their visit frequency and how much revenue it generated.

Thanx Campaigns Dashboard

Thanx enables you to see the results of each of your offer campaigns and how often your customers visited your locations, as well as how much they spent on average.

This data can power your future campaigns and help you continue to generate more ROI and increase traffic.

“Every time I sent a targeted offer with Thanx I learn from it. The robust data I get from our Thanx campaigns informs our decisions, helps make me a better marketer, and grows our business. That’s what it’s all about.” – Cheyenne Terbrueggen, Marketing Manager, Elephants Deli

Wrap up

Day-part and week-part offers can help drive traffic and generate ROI. You can drive traffic during slow hours and encourage customers to visit your business during days and times they normally wouldn’t.