Customer Engagement Done Right: Introducing Thanx Campaigns

Thanx Campaigns Dashboard

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Thanx Campaigns.

Thanx Campaigns are the next generation in customer engagement.  The entire platform is designed to save you time and generate revenue for your business.

We’ve found that businesses manage their customers across email marketing, rewards programs, and social outreach but none of the platforms for managing those initiatives talk to each other. That’s where Thanx comes in. By connecting your email service provider (ESP) or uploading your customer contact list, you can engage your entire customer database in one place and reach out to your customers with either general messaging meant for everyone, or highly personalized campaigns that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Three types of customer engagement campaigns that deliver results

Thanx Campaigns

We have three Thanx Campaign types available to meet and exceed all your customer engagement goals:

1. Send a Message to Everyone

Sending an email to your customers is so much easier now that you can engage all of your customers from one platform (Thanx!) and keep your brand top of mind with customizable email templates.

2. Targeted Campaigns

Have a business objective? We have a campaign for it. You no longer need to dig through your customer data and try to define segments to target, we’ve done all the work for you. Simply choose your objective from the pre-built set of campaigns and create your marketing message in just minutes.

3. Automated Campaigns

This is your set it and forget it campaign category. You set the parameters once for each campaign you want (winback, bounceback, birthday, etc.) and Thanx does the rest for you. Your campaigns run on autopilot generating revenue while you focus on running your business. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Campaigns optimized for performance

Thanx campaigns can be sent with or without an offer and help you reach your customers across email, text, and push notifications (with social coming soon).

Thanx Campaigns Everyone

We’ve also built in Thanx-Optimizations and Smart Tips to help optimize the performance of your campaigns. It’s like having a built-in campaign strategist in your back pocket.  Recommendations include the best time to send an email or offer, what your rewards window should be, and even what the best reward might be to make sure you get the engagement for your effort.

Thanx Customer Engagement Campaigns

Campaign success proved in revenue, not vanity metrics

The best part is that your success is tracked in revenue. All campaigns have the ability to run control groups so you can easily see what your incremental revenue and ROI is to understand the impact of your marketing strategy. That way you can spend your time on what drives the most for your bottom line.

Thanx Campaigns Dashboard


See how Thanx Campaigns can save you time and increase revenue for your business.