How Oath Pizza Combines Online Ordering with Customer Loyalty

Oath Pizza

Meet Oath Pizza. Oath started out in 2015, in a 400-square-foot store in Nantucket, MA. In a world where pizza can be found nearly anywhere and everywhere, the founders knew they needed to stand out amidst all the other pies in town. To do so, they created a crust that’s seared in avocado oil that cooks in under two minutes, plus they only serve the freshest produce and humanely-raised, GMO-free proteins. In fact, Oath is the only pizza restaurant to meet Certified Humane® or Global Animal Partnership® standards.

Online ordering and customer loyalty – better together

But where Oath really stands out from the competition is when it comes to providing best-in-class online ordering integrated with customer loyalty to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Oath Insider app

To create compelling and personalized experiences for their guests, Oath knew they needed to capture robust customer data from their online ordering experience and integrate it into their customer loyalty program. By marrying the two, they’ve harnessed the power of customer data to change and reward customer behavior and bring those behaviors together both instore and online.

“With Thanx, we wanted to create a sophisticated mobile ordering experience that holds up to our high standards in food quality and brand consistency. Thanx is helping us bridge the gap between the digital and in-store experience so our customers can interact with us in a way that is completely seamless and intuitive.” – Stacie Colburn Hayes, VP of Marketing at Oath Pizza

Because loyalty is integrated into the order process, it’s easy to seamlessly convert customers who order online to become loyalty members with one click. Customers who order online become known, connected members that can be communicated with so the brand stays top of mind.

Oath email

Oath Insider enables Oath to bridge the gap between in-store and off-premise purchases helping Oath attract and retain customers while making it simple for guest to earn and redeem rewards. When guests are in-store they don’t have to enter or scan anything to earn rewards. They simply pay with their connected credit card and everything happens behind the scenes.

Personalized guest engagement powered by owned data

The data that Oath gets from the Oath Insider program enables Oath Pizza to track and better understand customer spending habits so they can develop more personalized, actionable, and measurable customer engagement campaigns. In a highly competitive market, Oath is able to use Oath Insider as a differentiator to engage their customers, own the data, the experience, and the results. Oath can now send chicken lovers offers for their Spicy Mother Clucker and send vegetarians offers for The Bella. That’s the power of knowing who your customers are, what they love and never sending an irrelevant offer.

Wrap up

The world’s leading restaurants partner with Thanx to create personalized experiences for their guests. See the full Oath story here.