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Go from unknown customers to personal relationships.

Unknown customers

Unknown customers

Unknown, anonymous customers are hard to engage and market to but they make up most of your existing customer base.

Known Customers

Known customers

Marketing tools such as email marketing, SMS, and social media can help make these customers Known, (you have their email address, and/or name) enabling you to message them but still in a one-to-many, generic way.

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships

Personal Relationships enable you to engage your customers personally and individually, using hyper-targeted, segmented communications. You send the right message to the right person at the right time. Every time and automatically.

Everything's been moving toward a more personalized marketing approach; for us to be able to use the segmentation that Thanx provides has been an incredible boon for us. Keith Cox CEO, Pacific Catch
In depth customer profile data

CRM custom-built for real-world businesses.

Capture a complete view of your customers spending. Thanx is the system of record for your customer data enabling smarter decisions throughout every area of your business — know what they buy, how often and when they visit, and much more.

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VIP customer Aaron Visited in the evening
Avg. Check: $18
Avg. Frequency: Weekly
Lifetime value: $1,240
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Focus on your best customers Kendra Visited in the morning
Avg. Check: $120
Avg. Frequency: Monthly
Lifetime value: $5,304
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Engage customers personally Kat Visited in the afternoon
Avg. Check: $6
Avg. Frequency: Quarterly
Lifetime value: $124
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At a glance customer segmentation Darren Visited in the morning
Avg. Check: $22
Avg. Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Lifetime value: $704
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Talk to everyone more personally.

Focus on the 20% of customers who drive 80% of revenue. At-a-glance segmentation identifies your best customers and what they’re worth. No spreadsheets or analysts required.

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Insights features

Customer Engagement Insights Features from Thanx

Credit card partnerships.

Get extensive data to fuel revenue generating campaigns from our robust partnerships with the world’s leading credit card providers.

SKU level data.

SKU data gives you granular insights into exactly what your customers purchase down to the item level.

Pre-built segmentation.

Robust pre-built segments based on time, days, frequency, check size, and more to enable you to deliver the right message to the right customer every time.

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Thanx helps Dewey’s gain a better understanding of our business. Seeing that the top 10% of our customers generate 25% of our revenue and knowing specifically who those people are, is something we couldn’t measure before. David Igel Managing Partner, Dewey’s Pizza

Get to know your customers like never before.

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Thanx is your total customer engagement platform.