5 Excellent Customer Engagement Examples to Emulate

5 Customer Engagement Examples

Customer engagement is the name of the game when it comes to boosting retention. With the right strategies and tools, it’s easy to capture the attention of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

If you’re ready to double down on customer engagement, there’s no better way than to start by learning from other successful businesses like yours. In this post, we’ll share 5 excellent customer engagement examples from businesses doing customer engagement right.

1. How Zips Car Wash builds customer relationships

Are you in an industry where you literally only have seconds to minutes of face time to engage with your customers? Then, you’ll relate well to the challenge Zips Car Wash faces as an express car wash service.

To engage customers properly, Zips Car Wash needed a way to keep track of customer contact information and track all their customer data in one platform.

Zips Car Wash uploaded their list of email subscribers and with just a few simple clicks, they invited subscribers to sign up for their customer loyalty program, Zippy Rewards.

Their efforts paid off. After sending just one email campaign inviting loyal members to join their program, they acquired thousands of new loyalty members and experienced a 9% conversion rate.

2. How Pacific Catch retains more customers and increases revenue

Maybe you’re a business that gets more time with your customers, but you don’t know exactly who they are, how to find them, how to capture data about them or how to engage with them. Perhaps you have some data about your them, but you don’t have a way to track customer churn and lapses in loyalty. Sound familiar?

This is exactly the problem Pacific Catch had before they embraced the power of customer engagement.

Pacific Catch started enrolling customers in their customer engagement and loyalty program, capturing important customer data, and creating hyper-targeted engagement campaigns to encourage repeat business.

Pacific Catch also took it a step further by using Thanx Automated Winback campaigns. Now that Pacific Catch has robust customer data, with the click of a button, they can set up an automated campaign that tracks when customers are about to churn and will automatically incentivize those customers to re-engage.

And, that’s exactly what they did.

Pacific Catch has won back over 2,000 customers since deploying their winback campaign and they’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue from those won back customers.

3. How Elephants Deli used a day shift offer to change customer behavior

As you know, growing a business is no joke. It can be difficult to get customers to visit more frequently and to spend more when they do visit.

Elephants Deli is a successful deli, but to increase revenue, they wanted their loyal weekday customers to make a habit out of visiting on the weekends, too.

If you’re looking to increase the frequency of customer visits, pay attention.

Elephants Deli sent a targeted day-shift offer to change customer behavior and promote brunch to their weekday customers based on their week-part data.

The result?

Elephants Deli experienced a 43% increase in month over month traffic to their Corbett Avenue store and saw a 50% increase in Thanx loyalty member sign-ups.

4. How Dewey’s Pizza increased revenue with a single email

There’s tons of hype around national holidays that aren’t actual holidays. You know what I’m talking about: National Donut Day, National Chocolate Day (our favorite), National Pizza Day, etc.

With a healthy topping of creativity and some extra cheese, Dewey’s Pizza launched a very successful National Cheese Pizza Day campaign.

Their goal was to drive foot traffic and revenue for their 25 locations (while not giving away too much margin) and surprise and delight their loyal customers.

Dewey’s sent an awesome email offer that was available for redemption only on National Cheese Pizza Day.

This one-time loyalty promotion resulted in a 20% increase in sales. That’s a nice slice a revenue pie!

5. How EVO Entertainment uses feedback to engage their best customers

You already know what a gold mine customer feedback is. Customer feedback tells you what your customers like, what they don’t, and what will make them more loyal to your business.

Thanx understands the importance of customer feedback and makes it possible for every merchant to effortlessly capture NPS (net promoter score) and real-time feedback.

If you’re looking to capture customer feedback and using it to improve your business, then you’ll be interested in how EVO Entertainment successfully uses this feature.

EVO captures real-time customer feedback and then responds personally to ensure a high rate of return.

Recently, a new customer visited EVO and gave a low NPS score of 2 out of 10 with specific feedback for the location of the theater she had visited. The GM got the feedback in a very timely manner and responded personally to the customer. This resulted in the customer coming back to the theater. Just 4 months later, this same customer is in EVO’s top 25% of customers and visits 1175% more frequently than their average customer (a whopping 13 times a month).

EVO turned a dissatisfied customer into one of their best with the help of customer engagement and feedback, and you can too.

Wrap up

Focusing on customer engagement is a surefire way to boost revenue and promote customer retention. Jump on board today to keep your business growing.