5 Customer Engagement Campaigns We Love

5 customer engagement campaigns we love

Merchants around the world are beginning to realize that customer engagement directly drives traffic and revenue. Smart merchants are implementing unique campaigns to increase customer engagement and build strong relationships with their best customers.

Here are five customer engagement campaigns we love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Use day-shift offers to change customer behavior

Elephants Delicatessen is a local delicatessen and catering company based in Portland Oregon, established in 1979. Elephants Deli has a loyal customer following that often visits on their way to work, but Elephants wanted to see if they could shift that behavior and bring customers in on the weekend.

They looked at their day-part data in Thanx and noticed that the majority of their customer traffic was on the weekdays. Their data in Thanx also revealed that although their Corbett Ave. location is one of their most successful in terms of the number of transactions and the number of Thanx customer loyalty members, it is in a neighborhood and doesn’t get a lot of weekend traffic.

Based on their Thanx week-part and customer data, Elephants Deli decided to send a targeted day-shift offer to change customer behavior and promote brunch to their weekday customers at their Corbett Ave location.

Elephants sent out a targeted email to a segment of their audience (weekday visitors) plus they sent an SMS push notification to customers who had made previous purchases at one of their other locations on the weekdays to come in for brunch. Elephants sent the email and push notification with a 20% off promotion right before the weekend so Elephants would be top of mind with customers as they made their weekend plans. With this targeted offer, Elephants sent the right message at the right time to the right person.

Elephants immediately saw a spike in their weekend brunch traffic at the Corbett Ave location increasing it by 43% over the previous month. They also saw a 50% increase in their Thanx customer loyalty member sign-ups.

You can learn more by reading this case study.

Increase revenue with a single email

Dewey’s Pizza opened in 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and became a popular chain in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, St. Louis, and Kansas City. The team at Dewey’s Pizza wanted to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day and engage their customers.

They decided to test a financially compelling offer to their entire customer-base around National Cheese Pizza Day. Their goal was to see if an offer with a call to action would drive traffic into their locations and increase revenue.

Dewey’s Pizza sent a special offer for $10 off a 17” pizza to all of their Thanx loyalty customers. The offer was only redeemable on National Cheese Pizza Day. The offer resulted in a 20% increase in sales! Now that’s a nice slice of revenue!

You can learn more by reading this case study.

Promote your customer loyalty program

Zips Car Wash specializes in quick car washes and has little face-time with their loyal customers. They wanted to find a way to engage their customers when they weren’t at the car wash so that they could build strong relationships and emotional connections.

Zips has a robust list of opt-in email subscribers that they wanted to encourage to sign up for their customer loyalty program. By encouraging their current email subscribers to become part of their customer loyalty program, Zips could engage more of their best customers and build loyal, thriving relationships that ultimately drive more revenue for the business

Zips simply uploaded their list of over 90K opt-in email subscribers into their Thanx customer engagement platform. Then, in just a few clicks, Zips was able to create and send an email to their entire list of subscribers inviting them to join their Zippy Rewards customer loyalty program.

Zips was also able to instantly measure the results of their email campaign and see that they gained 9,000 new loyalty members. That loyalty translates to revenue and ROI for Zips every day.

You can learn more by reading this case study.

Use feedback to engage customers

EVO Entertainment Group is an entertainment brand in Texas comprised of cinemas, restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers. EVO wanted a way to capture guest feedback and respond in real-time to increase customer engagement and build relationships for their growing entertainment brand.

EVO makes reviewing the customer feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS) data they get from Thanx part of the daily routine of every general manager. GMs review customer feedback each morning and respond personally using Thanx. The goals are to address customer issues in real-time, thank customers for their feedback, and drive a high rate of return customers.

EVO uses the out-of-the-box customer feedback and NPS features from Thanx to effectively capture real-time customer feedback and respond personally ensuring a high rate of return.

Thanx measures customer satisfaction and sentiment after every purchase — in real-time, in private, and tied to specific, actual customers which helps EVO quickly zero in on feedback without having to manually sort through, categorize, or analyze the feedback for common trends.

By responding to customer feedback in real-time, they achieved a 95.4% response rate, an 87% written feedback response rate, and a 63.7% return rate.

You can learn more by reading this case study.

Use customer data to win back customers

Mike’s Car Wash is a family-owned car wash business based in Cincinnati, Ohio with 24 locations. Without customer data, Mike’s was missing out on opportunities to identify and retain their VIP customers and had no way of reaching out to communicate with them.

Mike’s wanted to use Thanx’s data-based customer engagement platform to learn more about their customers and be able to more effectively retain them. One of the ways in which Mike’s does this is using Thanx’s Winback campaign tool, which identifies loyalty members who have lapsed in visits and automatically reaches out to them with an offer to get them to come back.

To date, Thanx has won back more than 30% of Mike’s lapsed loyalty members with well-timed winback offers.

This feature alone has driven tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for Mike’s — results that are transparent and easy to track within the Thanx dashboard. Today, with access to the robust customer data they always wanted, Mike’s Carwash has changed the way it learns about and engages with its customers.

You can learn more by reading this case study.

Wrap up

There are many different ways you can approach customer engagement and develop personalized campaigns that your customers love. Capturing customer data is critical to the success of any campaign — when you understand who your customers are, you are able to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. We’re here to help.