True Food Kitchen’s Secret Recipe for Personalization

True Food Kitchen Launches Customer Loyalty program with Thanx

True Food Kitchen is a healthy, chef-driven, seasonal food restaurant with 23 locations in 10 states. True Food Kitchen focuses on serving healthy, seasonal, sustainable, and organic food with plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

True Food Kitchen also stands out because they will personalize every order per the guest’s preferences. By personalizing every order, True Food Kitchen creates memorable guest experiences for savvy consumers that have come to expect personalized experiences from the brands where they eat, drink, work, and play. Now True Food Kitchen is taking personalization a step further by personalizing every guest interaction both in-store and online through their partnership with Thanx.

App Data Enables Highly Personalized Campaigns

True Food Kitchen worked with Thanx to create a brand engagement program called True Insider. True Insider unifies True Food Kitchen’s email marketing with the app, loyalty program, online ordering, and SMS messaging. The custom branded mobile app serves as the primary engagement tool for the program where guests can place online orders, manage their account, make reservations and redeem offers and incentives.

True Food Insider App

“True Insider is more than a loyalty platform, it’s a brand engagement program that will allow True Food Kitchen to provide more personalized, customized, exclusive and even unexpected perks that will make our brand more memorable for our loyal guests.” – True Food Kitchen CEO Christine Barone.

True Food Kitchen uses the data they capture through the app to deliver memorable guest experiences through highly personalized campaigns. This Win True Food for a Year campaign was designed to introduce guests to True Insider.

True Food Kitchen email

“The platform will give rise to rich data that will help us understand what motivates our guest on an individual level so that we can fine-tune our offering and engage with each of them in a more personal and meaningful way.” – True Food Kitchen CEO Christine Barone.

Email Marketing Personalized by Guest

True Food Kitchen leverages Thanx Campaigns to bring the same level of personalization to its email marketing by using insights from guest preferences, individualized behavior, interests, and past purchases to send targeted and personalized emails and offers. Instead of deploying the same email to every guest with the same offer, True Food Kitchen is able to segment their audience and send highly targeted campaigns. An excellent example is the yoga and brunch email that they send to invite customers to a complimentary yoga class and brunch with a 15% discount on brunch or the key lime mousse email they send guests who are gluten-free.

Wrap up

True Food Kitchen stands out from the competition when it comes to offering personalized interactions and experiences for its guests.

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