How Dewey’s Pizza Increased Revenue 20% by Engaging Customers

Dewey's Pizza Customer engagement

Dewey’s Pizza has been the place to go for pizza in Cincinnati, OH since 1998.  The popular pizza joint has been growing ever since and now has 25 locations in Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

Dewey’s fans love the open kitchen where they can watch their hand-tossed pizza being made with gourmet ingredients, then sit down and enjoy a craft beer, fresh salad, and one of their specialty pizzas with creative names like the Green Lantern or the Edgar Allen Poe.

Deweys Pizza Kitchen

How Dewey’s Engaged Their Customer Base and Increased Revenue 20%

When the team at Dewey’s Pizza wanted to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day and engage their customers, they knew they had all the ingredients for success with Thanx Campaigns – Send a Message to Everyone.

Dewey's Cheese Pizza

The Challenge

Dewey’s wanted to test a financially compelling offer to their entire customer base around a specific industry-related event: National Cheese Pizza Day 2017.

“With offline marketing tactics being hard to measure, you often worry you’re just spending money and hoping to get a good result. With Thanx, we’re able to use targeted marketing to reach our most loyal customers and hyper-target segments of our audience to get an ideal result.”  – David Igel – Managing Partner, Dewey’s Pizza

See how the offer panned out in the full case study.