Thanx gives merchants the ability to track the ROI of every promotion run through the platform. Use your customer data to catalyze these Thanx features:

Reward Connect Technology

Remove all friction from your loyalty program

Customer loyalty should be delightful, not difficult. Customers participate in your Thanx loyalty program whenever they pay as usual — no QR codes, no phone numbers to enter, nothing to scan or stamp.

Dashboard with Detailed Customer Profiles

Complete data visibility at your fingertips

Your rich Thanx customer data lives in your dashboard. Respond to customer feedback, track customer behavior and spend over time, and see your data come to life in the form of complete customer profiles.

Mobile App

Go mobile without the IT development hassles

The Thanx mobile platform allows you to provide your customers with a rich mobile experience rooted in loyalty, that includes real-time notifications, loyalty tracking, two-way communication and more.

Exclusive Deals

Your best deals for your best customers

Thanx Exclusive Deals allows merchants to sell goods, services and events to loyalty members, right within their Thanx app. Exclusive Deals makes your loyalty app into another revenue stream for your business, with special offers, event tickets, and upfront purchasing right within the Thanx app.

Customer Feedback and NPS

Tie reviews to actual purchases and customer history

Engage your customers in 1-to-1 dialogues to increase frequency, spending, and satisfaction. With integrated NPS, Thanx gives businesses two huge strategic advantages: identify your most valuable customers and track satisfaction over time across your brand or by location.

Email Service Provider Integrations

Superpower your email campaigns with data from your Thanx loyalty platform

Personalized emails are more than twice as likely to be opened. Using customer data, you have the information you need to send personalized email campaigns that drive revenue. Thanx integrates seamlessly with your email service provider to make your emails smarter and more targeted.

Targeted "smart" offers

Reward your customers without blanket discounting

Deploy and track targeted marketing campaigns directly to your customers’ smartphones. Measure ROI in real-time, to the dollar, within the Thanx platform. No more blind campaigns, just intelligent offers that will resonate with your customers.

Segment Builder

Send special offers to specific groups of customers

Create custom offers for individual groups — from a lunch promotion for everyone in your neighborhood, to free drink refills for students at the university down the street. Thanx lets you tag customers based on a unique feature, and then market to them differently.

Birthday Rewards

Sometimes, singing “Happy Birthday” doesn’t always hit the right note

Never miss a birthday! Celebrate your VIPs on their special day with limited-time birthday offers. Customers receive delightful push notifications automatically with Thanx’s Birthday feature enabled.

Roles-based dashboard

Built for the enterprise

Everyone — from CEOs to individual store managers — can use Thanx to understand VIPs, track feedback and measure campaign success. Allow employees across the organization to have the access they need to make smart business decisions, track goals, and respond to customer feedback.

Thanxgiving Customer Referrals

Drive referrals from your best customers — with guaranteed positive ROI

Let your happiest customers spread the word about your business through Thanx’s referral feature, Thanxgiving. Customers referred through Thanxgiving spend 75-150% more on average. It’s like word-of-mouth, but with transparent data.


Eliminate peaks and valleys

Whether it’s the Tuesday afternoon slump or the summer break slowdown, every business knows when they’re facing “slow times”. Tactics like coupons and advertising don’t meaningfully change customer behavior, but Timeshift offers sent to your best customers can increase sales during “slow times” by 20%.


Your best customers are your best asset

VIP customers drive a disproportionate amount of revenue, so treat them like royalty! Use Thanx data to automatically identify your top spenders, and engage them with elite status, customized offers, and personalized communication.


Remind your customers why they love you and keep them loyal

What should you do when a previously loyal customer stops coming in? Minimize customer churn by proactively reaching out to customers at risk of lapsing. Use Thanx’s customer data to make each offer timely, personalized, and ROI positive.


Got something to share with your customers? Broadcast it.

Don’t let your messages compete for attention in an inbox — achieve genuine customer engagement through targeted push notifications, sent directly to customers’ smartphones.

Dedicated Success Manager

We're here to make you successful

Thanx’s Merchant Success team has been proven to dramatically increase ROI. Dedicated Merchant Success Managers will help you analyze customer data, share best practices, and ensure that you’re keeping your customers happy and loyal. We’re on your team!

Professionally designed marketing materials

Drive participation while staying on-brand

We put your brand front and center in fully-branded marketing materials. Created by our in-house designers, we are dedicated to helping you promote your new loyalty program both in-store and online. We take your business into account and create unique materials that work for you, whether you run a carwash or an ice cream shop.

Item-level data and offers

Thanx gets granular by ingesting item-level data with every transaction

When item-level data is enabled, each transaction becomes an opportunity to get to know your customer better and provide more targeted offers that delight. We gather transaction data whenever your customer swipes a credit card. Painless and powerful — that’s how we like our data. *Available on select POS - contact us for more info.

Fully-branded mobile app

A stand-alone mobile app, anchored by loyalty

For enterprise brands looking to stand out, leverage our deep mobile experience to build your brand’s mobile experience. Thanx branded apps are powered by loyalty and driven by data. And, like the Thanx app, boasts a no-hassle user experience, as well as complete back-end data collection for merchants.

Real-time data access via API

It’s your data — access it when you need it

Don’t wait to get the reports you need. Data is pulled from Thanx transactions into your dashboard instantaneously, so you can make up-to-the minute business decisions. Thanx allows you to control your own data instead of waiting for a monthly report to be generated — your reports are always ready.

Thanx helps you visualize your data in real-time and drive measurable increases in revenue.

Increase your sales today