Thanx Exclusive Deals
Commerce reimagined.

Drive hard revenue in the Thanx app. Your best deals don’t need to go to discount seekers—instead, reward your best customers with special offers for merchandise or unique events, such as prix-fixe dinners or behind the scenes tours or classes. Stop paying huge margins to deal websites, like Groupon, and keep your best customers happy and loyal.

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Meet your goals, with configurable, automated campaigns proven to drive revenue.

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Winback lost customers and generate 6X ROI

Thanx automatically reaches out to customers that have churned. By sending them a targeted offer, you can win them back ...

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New Feature

Online Ordering Integrations

Loyalty and Ordering in one place

Thanx is excited to announce online ordering integrations with leading ordering providers, bringing you a best-in-class ordering and loyalty experience

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New Feature

Comparative Insights

Get the data you need to compete

Thanx allows you to not only understand how your loyalty members’ behavior compares to your non-loyalty members, but also to ...

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Thanxgiving customer referrals

Drive new business through trusted referrals

Unlock a secret weapon for customer acquisition. Thanxgiving turns your happiest, most loyal customers into brand advocates and automates the ...

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Customer feedback

Drive 14-21% incremental revenue by privately responding to feedback

Get alerted to critical customer feedback in real time and respond right through the app.

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Reward Connect Technology

Remove friction from your loyalty program

Customer loyalty should be delightful, not difficult. Thanx promises the most frictionless experience for both customers and your staff — ...

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Email marketing

Grow your loyalty and email lists simultaneously

Thanx integrates seamlessly with your email service provider to make your email marketing smarter and more targeted.

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Mobile payment friendly

Thanx is automatically compatible with major mobile payment platforms.

Thanx integrates seamlessly with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. No need to set up new hardware to run ...

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New Feature

Customer intelligence dashboard

Complete customer data visibility at your fingertips.

Only Thanx provides deep customer data insights in easy-to-understand customer intelligence dashboards. Learn more about your customers than you ever ...

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Dedicated customer success managers

Expert guidance and program support

Our Merchant Success team has been proven to dramatically increase ROI. Dedicated success managers will help you analyze customer data, ...

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Promotional materials

Drive program participation with on-brand collateral

We put your brand front and center in fully-branded marketing materials. Created by our in-house designers, our materials help you ...

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24/7 user support

Focus on your business, not responding to support inquiries

Thanx handles 100% of consumer-facing support — from password resets to accidentally activated rewards — so that you don’t have ...

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Birthday rewards

Drive a 31% increase in average check size through birthday rewards

Make your best customers feel special with automated rewards for their birthday.

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New Feature

Item-level customer data

Who are your customers and what are they buying? Find out with our item-level customer data add-on.

Deepen your business intelligence with our enhanced item-level data offering (available for Enterprise customers). Combined with other Thanx insights and ...

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Broadcast: Mobile marketing

Push notification engagement rates are 20x higher than emails

Don’t let your messages compete for attention in a crowded inbox — achieve genuine customer engagement through timely, targeted mobile ...

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Net Promoter Score

Collect Net Promoter Score Data with Every Transaction.

Thanx collects and tracks NPS (Net Promoter Score) responses, allowing you to see trends in customer satisfaction over time, across ...

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Real-time data access via API

It’s your data — use it how you want.

With Thanx, you own your data and can use it however you wish. Export data whenever you want. Manipulate it ...

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Branded mobile app

A stand-alone, branded mobile app, anchored by loyalty

For enterprise brands looking to stand out, leverage our deep mobile experience to build your brand’s mobile experience.

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Roles-based permissions

Built for the enterprise, used by your whole team.

Everyone — from CEOs to individual store managers — can use Thanx to understand VIPs, track feedback, and measure campaign ...

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Segment builder

Drive 16x more response with segmentation

Tag customers based on unique attributes and market to them intelligently. Create custom offers for individual groups — from lunch ...

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Smart offers

Redemption rates as high as 75%

Deploy and track targeted marketing campaigns that you can actually measure. No more guessing at success; no more blind campaigns. ...

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Thanx Exclusive Deals

Drive revenue within your loyalty app

Thanx Exclusive Deals allow merchants to sell products, services, and events to loyalty members, directly in the Thanx app. Customers ...

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Drive 18% more in-store traffic on previously slow days

Influence behavior and eliminate peaks and valleys by incentivizing loyal customers to visit during slower times or days — without ...

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User-friendly merchant dashboard

360° view of the people that keep you in business

The dashboard is mission control for your customer data; Review campaign performance and database health, respond to customer feedback, and ...

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Elite customers drive more than half of your revenue — making them feel special increases spending 17%

VIP customers drive a disproportionate amount of revenue so let them know you care. Use Thanx to automatically identify your ...

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Thanx is a cloud-based loyalty program that operates seamlessly with your current technology stack.

Thanx works with virtually every POS and doesn’t require integration, thanks to our partnerships with the leading credit card companies, who supply us with customer frequency and spend data, freeing up your IT team to focus on other critical projects.

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Email Integrations
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