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Measure your marketing effectiveness in revenue generated.

Measure your success in revenue, not just opens and clicks.

Every campaign and every loyalty program comes with a report on exactly how much revenue it drove. Opens and clicks do not equal revenue. Only revenue equals revenue.

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Take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Control groups show you what customers would have done without seeing your campaign and what results your campaign produced.

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Revenue reporting features

Revenue Reporting Features from Thanx

Detailed reports for every campaign.

Measure, understand, and prove the impact of every message sent so you can focus on the tactics that return the biggest return for the bucks.

Quarterly business reviews.

Look like a genius to your CEO or Board; ready-made ROI reports highlighting your wins. Because we know someone will ask you for one eventually.

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Every time I sent a targeted offer with Thanx I learn from it. The robust data I get from our Thanx campaigns inform our decisions helps make me a better marketer and grows our business. That’s what it’s all about. Cheyenne Terbrueggen Marketing Manager, Elephants Deli

See the return on every dollar spent.

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