Projected savings this year in third-party commissions
Increase in same-store sales in the 20 week period after launch
Incremental revenue per campaign on average

Digital Essentials

An online guest engagement platform with CRM-integrated web ordering, marketing automation and promotions.

  • Online data capture through web ordering
  • Targeted email campaigns, segmentation, incentives, and ROI campaign reporting
  • Complete email service (ESP)
  • Online promotion manager
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Thanx 360°

A complete multi-channel in-store and online guest engagement and loyalty platform with CRM-integrated mobile and/or web experiences.

  • Highly-configurable loyalty engine
  • Frictionless, automated in-store data capture via credit card integrations.
  • Self-service and pre-built automated campaigns including Thanx Winback powered by machine learning
  • Real-time, private channel NPS feedback
  • Optional SMS channel
  • Optional branded mobile application, web ordering and/or API-based integration with own digital experience
  • And much more!
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Thanx FAQs

What types of cost savings can I expect with Thanx? Thanx fully manages end-user support significantly reducing the burden on your internal support team. Our easy-to-use marketing tools and elimination of the need for hardware also remove much of the manual work typically required of marketing and IT. You can also expect to see between 10-30% cost savings as your promotions become more targeted, effective, and non-discount focused.
What kind of return on my investment (ROI) can I expect in the short-term with Thanx? While results vary based on promotional investment, in the first three months after launch, merchants typically see their active customer databases double or triple in size, see 25-80% increases in online ordering volumes, and 1.25-1.5x increases in average check through CRM-integrated first-party ordering.
What is the typical payback period with Thanx? What kind of return on my investment (ROI) can I expect in the first year? In the first six months, merchants see significant cost savings through the promotion of direct ordering over third-party providers and in transitioning from broad-based discounting to targeted promotions. In the first nine months, merchants see 2-4% same-store sales growth through increased frequency (though during COVID, we have seen 8-12% increases), all accomplished through targeted, data-driven campaigns that activate positive guest behaviors.
What are the components of Thanx pricing? Thanx has two platform editions: Digital Essentials and Thanx 360. Both editions have a predictable per location per month platform fee. Thanx 360 platform fees vary and are a per location, per year structure. Depending on the complexity of your implementation, you will also be responsible for an implementation fee during the pre-launch period. Add-ons, such as online ordering integrations, are priced separately.
How does Thanx pricing differ from competitor pricing? The total cost of owning Thanx is lower than most of our competitors because we do not have unexpected variable costs after launching. Our pricing is predictable so you can plan for the future with confidence. For example, you will never pay for a mobile app upgrade or an update to your web ordering experience. That means that over a three-year period (and longer), Thanx is generally priced lower than most other offerings.
I'm currently using another loyalty program. How does program adoption differ with Thanx? How much does it cost to transition to Thanx? Assistance with your transition to Thanx is included in your implementation fee. Merchants typically see 4x improvements in program adoption (measured in terms of loyalty redemption) vs. traditional loyalty programs by the second year after launching Thanx.