Customer Relationship Marketing Fuels Shenaniganz Growth

When Shenaniganz wanted to fuel its next stage of growth, it focused on refining its customer relationship marketing strategy. The results? Beyond impressive.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Shenaniganz, a Dallas-based family entertainment center with bowling, laser tag, miniature golf, go-karts, and other attractions, was accustomed to seeing huge spikes in customer traffic during vacation breaks and holidays. The company’s marketing team suspected that these spikes occurred because most customers only visited on special occasions, and thus sought a solution for garnering more regular visits and visitors.

Rather than working off of speculation alone, Shenaniganz commissioned an in-depth analysis of customer behavior. Their results were remarkable: 52% of customers had only visited one time and over 86% of customers had not returned in 4 months. Armed with this staggering insight, Shenaniganz implemented a data-driven customer relationship marketing and rewards program with the goal of increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

A Shot In The Dark

Marketers don’t send out promotions or special offers only to be nice to customers, they are also hoping to drive a specific behavior. However, sending promotions via traditional vehicles can feel like taking a shot in the dark. It is difficult to truly target the customers you want to engage, and evaluating the long-term impact of each campaign is murky at best.

Shenaniganz was all too familiar with this classic challenge. Members of the marketing team would send out offers via social media numerous times, and though they saw redemptions, they struggled to clearly understand what kinds of customers were engaging and whether their offers truly affected lifetime value.

Turning On The Light

Luckily, the savvy marketing team at Shenaniganz was on the lookout for an innovative technology that could send targeted offers based on customer data. They thus implemented Thanx and immediately took full advantage of the robust marketing platform. In a matter of no time, Shenaniganz had a thriving loyalty program and was running an ongoing Winback Campaign, which targeted only “at risk” customers and incentivized return visits.

Within two months of running the Winback Campaign, Shenaniganz had converted 20% of “at risk” guests into engaged customers. With an ROI of 500%, the marketing team at Shenaniganz had an easy answer to, “Does my rewards program work?” Even more exciting – the number of customers who had only visited once shrunk from 52% to 35%!

Learn more about how Shenaniganz implemented an effective customer relationship marketing strategy by clicking below. Hats off to Shenaniganz for a job well done.