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Create a private, real-time communication channel with your customers.

Track customer satisfaction and respond personally.

Track customer satisfaction after every purchase — in real-time and tied to specific, verifiable purchases.

Measure sentiment to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

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Respond privately to customer feedback using Thanx

Keep negative reviews from reaching third-party review sites.

Respond personally and privately to feedback. Just asking for feedback increases visit frequency by 7%. Replying drives repeat purchasing up 14%. But doing it all in private without it torpedoing your online reviews… priceless.

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Customer feedback features

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Use the leading indicator of customer satisfaction to see how locations measure up and spot trends before the impact revenue.


Gain valuable insights from real-time verbatim customer feedback which you can respond to personally.

Natural language processing and artificial intelligence

Thanx automatically combs reviews for trends and opportunities for improvement while flagging the most important reviews to address… we know your time is limited.

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The guest feedback we get using Thanx has been an absolute game-changer for EVO. We’re now empowered to respond personally to guests ensuring we address any issues and keep them coming back again and again. Sandra Sullivan Director of Internal Development, EVO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

Start collecting real-time customer feedback.

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Thanx is your total customer engagement platform.