Top Ways to Get More Customers In Your Loyalty Program

customer loyalty program

You can’t have a successful loyalty program without a ton of customers! Here’s how to make sure your loyalty program can attract — and keep — customers.

Prioritizing customer signups is the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of your loyalty program. With more customers enrolled, you get more data to execute personalized marketing, which drastically increases overall engagement and sales.

Below are the most powerful ways to get more customers enrolled in your loyalty program.

1) Turn your staff into loyalty program evangelists

A great loyalty program is an extension of good customer service. Training your front-line staff to actively promote and enroll people in your loyalty program is just another way to delight and engage your customers while they’re in-store.

When customers launch with Thanx, their employees have access to a full training and onboarding program to make sure everyone can contribute to the company’s successful loyalty program launch!

Remember that part of an effective training approach is keeping initiatives top of mind. Educate employees about exactly how to introduce the program, and then support this learning by inserting a summary of loyalty best practices in your employee manual or handbook.

2) Utilize your website to drive sign-ups!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply engage customers in places they are already visiting. Call attention to your loyalty program on your website and get more customers by giving them an easy way to instantly join.

We’ve seen amazing success when sign-up links and widgets are added to a merchant’s homepage or online ordering form. In fact, our partners who prominently display their sign-up link drive on average a 4x increase in weekly signups!

Check out Smitten and Pacific Catch:

3) Promote your program via email

Brands that have already compiled email lists have a built-in way to generate loyalty program signups among customers who already know and love their brand. The most successful loyalty programs utilize email by sending out sign-up incentives and reminders.

Merchants who send bi-monthly announcements see between a 3-5x increase in signups that week.

4) Keep the program simple

No matter how amazing your promotions are, customers won’t engage in a difficult, process-heavy loyalty program. Even if you manage to generate sign-ups initially, any loyalty program that requires extra steps at checkout (any scanning of loyalty cards, phone number collection, or fiddling with hardware) will ultimately see customers defect.

At Thanx, we help our merchants see loyalty success by keeping the process as effortless and delightful as possible. Customers sign up once and then pay as usual whenever they visit their favorite merchants.