Thanx Launches v2.0 — Loyalty Reimagined

Thanx Launches v2.0, Enabling Offline Merchants to Close the Loop on the Value of a Loyal Customer and Measure the Efficacy of Every Marketing Dollar Spent

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October 23, 2017 – Since launching in 2011, Thanx has helped brick-and-mortar businesses build deeper, data-driven relationships with their top customers to accelerate revenue growth. Today, Thanx is dramatically expanding its platform with a full suite of tools that are able to prove measurable, incremental revenue with every use. Thanx remains a completely frictionless way for businesses to gather high-quality customer data through loyalty, but Thanx 2.0 gives merchants even more powerful channels through which to activate that data and monitor the results in real-time.

For modern businesses, data is critical in order to target and engage customers. Those without data resort to blanket marketing campaigns that treat all customers the same. With Thanx, merchants receive an end-to-end view of their customers — from spending to satisfaction to referrals and more — allowing intelligent segmentation and mobile engagement that is proven to drive new revenue. Merchants can activate campaigns to win back lost customers at the exact moment of churn, target slow dayparts or days of the week by driving traffic specifically from good customers who normally visit at a different time (as opposed to deal-seekers who are generally low value), or respond to detailed feedback personally to make right a service quality slip up. And now, Thanx brings the ROI data front and center with transparent reporting built right into the dashboard, helping merchants do more of what works and spend less on promotions that simply aren’t paying for themselves.

Thanx 2.0 also delivers new omnichannel commerce functionality in Thanx Exclusive Deals, introducing a new way for merchants to make more money from their best customers even when they aren’t onsite. Exclusive Deals can be targeted specifically to certain categories of already-good customers, using mobile as a new always-on, powerful channel for driving incremental revenue. Sally Grant, Executive Vice President at Indiana-based Crew Carwash, explains, “We worked with Thanx to come up with the perfect solution for selling wash books digitally. We wanted a frictionless solution for our customers that allows us to easily track and tie purchases back to an individual, so we can not only know our customers and their preferences better but also see exactly how much revenue is flowing through our loyalty app. We anticipate getting to a point very quickly where revenue generated in-app more than covers the cost of the technology.”

“Modern marketing requires measurable results and most loyalty programs are falling short,” said Thanx Founder and CEO, Zach Goldstein. “With detailed reporting around campaign results and new ways to drive revenue through the app, Thanx 2.0 allows brands to not only delight customers through effortless loyalty, but also precisely measure the return on the investment.”

Thanx 2.0 comes on the heels of some important company milestones. After closing its Series B round of funding at the end of 2016, the Thanx team has doubled in size and opened a second headquarters in Denver, CO. Thanx has also bolstered its leadership team with the addition Dave Collier, Qaseem Shaikh, and Haley Marwell from HotSchedules, Zenefits, and Bain and Company, respectively.

 Learn more about Thanx v2.0 here.

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About Thanx

Thanx helps merchants build deeper, data-driven relationships with their best customers that result in drastic increases in revenue and same-store sales growth. As competition for customers’ attention intensifies, it has never been more important for brick-and-mortar businesses to have a 360-degree view of their VIPs. Unfortunately, capturing customer spending data is hard and acting on it is even harder so most businesses are flying blind. Thanx solves this challenge by providing offline businesses with a single system of record for customer data and automated campaign tools to engage customers and drive measurable increases in sales. Founded in 2011, with offices in San Francisco and Denver, Thanx is financed by Sequoia Capital and other elite Silicon Valley investors.