Customer Data and Retention in a Delivery-Driven World

Hosted By Mike Speck, CEO Asian Box,

For many restaurants facing stagnating traffic, third-party delivery (GrubHub, UberEats, Doordash, etc) offers the prospect of a “quick fix” – immediate top-line revenue growth without a lot of effort. But, while the short-term results may look great, delivery represents an equally larger danger to most restaurants:

1) A massive margin sacrifice
2) The loss of a direct relationship with the customer, eliminating any ability to drive them back to your business
3) A business model disadvantage against so-called “dark restaurants” who operate without the costly physical footprint

Join us to learn how to use customer data to insulate and grow your business amongst these dangers, as well as other business model changes to consider as delivery is forecast to 4x this year.

You’ll learn:
1) How to use customer data to maintain control of the customer experience
2) How to incentivize customers to stay loyal to your brand, not the ordering platform
3) How to drive incremental sales and revenue through a modern customer engagement strategy