Our CEO is a former Bain & Company consultant and Stanford MBA who specializes in customer satisfaction and customer retention, having worked closely with national technology and retail companies. Our product team boasts years of experience across a wide range of leading tech companies. Our engineers are full-stack experts with a passion for building a top-notch architecture that shows off our really cool data. And our Investors (Sequoia Capital and Icon Ventures, to name a few) are some of the sharpest and most experienced in Silicon Valley.

But the credentials matter far less to us than the exciting opportunity to keep innovating on an awesome product and growing an industry-changing business.




We work together, and everyone has influence over what we build. Everyone.


We’re building superstar products using world-class technologies: AWS, Git, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Heroku, HTML/JS/CSS, and the list goes on...


We do serious work and have serious fun. But bring your sense of humor — our defininition of “serious” might surprise you.


Competitive compensation

We pay top-of-market compensation and above-market equity.


Thanx employees all own a part of the company. Everyone works hard and everyone shares in our success.


You take vacation when you need it. Always.


We offer health insurance options to fit all employees’ needs, including coverage options for spouses, domestic partners, and children. We have company-sponsored yoga every Wednesday (and really cool Thanx yoga mats) and we participate in athletic events together. Always striving for work-life balance, we prioritize your well-being both in and out of the office.


We’re a family-friendly company, from our flexible hours to our company events.

Location, Location, Location

Our office is located in the heart of the tech universe, San Francisco. We’re close to public transportation and lots of great restaurants and nightlife. With the Bay Area’s year-round temperate weather, it’s also great that we’re surrounded by great parks, open space, beaches, wine country, and so much more.

Office space

Awesome open floor plan, cozy conference rooms, and beautiful views out of the picture windows.

Team activities

Together, we’ve enjoyed trivia competitions, gaming, bowling, indoor rock climbing, graffiti painting, cycling, soccer, a few boat rides, and trips to partake in Northern California’s celebrated wines. There may have been a night of karaoke but nobody will admit it.


Occasional team lunches & dinners, and unlimited snacks and coffee in the kitchen. Compulsive cookie delivery ordering keeps things sweet. We have beer on tap (currently: Scrimshaw) so you can celebrate happy hour righteously. Oh, and we’re all addicted to La Croix, so the fridge is always stocked.

Culture of recognition

We all work hard, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. We literally say “Thanx” to each other in team meetings, we elect a monthly “under the radar” award winner, and we communicate gratitude whenever possible. This is not a “thanx-less” job.

Education & hack days

We love to learn, and our culture reflects that. Members of the team host lunch and learn sessions on everything from power postures and pranayama, to email writing and sales outreach. We also host quarterly hackathons, where you get to hack away at whatever it is that excites you (from extracurricular programming projects to freestyle painting of the walls).


We take shuffleboard very seriously. You might not know it yet, but you will too.