Improving Customer Loyalty — CEO Leslie Silverglide

In this video interview, hear Mixt Greens CEO Leslie Silverglide describe how she’s improving customer loyalty across all the locations of her popular organic salad eatery.

Building customer loyalty is hard. However, taking an existing loyal customer base and deepening that connection is where brands really make their money.

In this video interview, CEO Leslie Silverglide explains exactly how Mixt Greens has done just that. Watch to learn the strategies she’s put in place to grow Mixt Greens into one of the most successful eateries in California.

A first-hand account of how innovative brands are improving customer loyalty

Maybe you’ve seen the Mixt Greens Case Study before — 54% faster repeat purchase and a 461% improvement in loyalty program conversion. We’ve also seen how Mixt Greens has tackled the restaurant holiday revenue downturn with innovative marketing tactics — effectively driving visits during the new year AND maintaining revenue at a time of year where most restaurants can’t. That’s why we sat down with CEO Leslie Silverglide — to see how she put it all together.

Here are the most important takeaways from Leslie’s interview:

  • Quote: From the get-go, customer loyalty has been one of our core tenets.
  • Takeaway: In order to see success, brands have to make building brand loyalty a key focus. Relying on customers to make repeat visits, instead of taking in an active role of earning those repeat visits, is paramount to see long-term success.
  • Quote: We wanted to build a customer loyalty program that was frictionless — for both us and our customers.
  • Takeaway: There’s a reason that effortless loyalty matters so much — traditional customer engagement strategies only produce a retention rate of 42%. In order to see higher participation, brands have to take as much friction our of their customer experience management as possible.
  • Quote: We see a lot of success being able to entice at-risk customers to come back and become loyal again.
  • Takeaway: Customer win back marketing has become one of the single most important mobile marketing automation tools for restaurants and retailers. By marketing to customers who used to be loyal, there’s a high chance of success that they will return to their previous visit pattern — just by showing them that they are important and valued.