The Future Of Mobile App Marketing — Keynote Speech

Mobile app marketing continues to evolve, and brands that ignore the trend toward a new style of apps will end up losing their customers rapidly. In this video, learn how to build an app that serves a purpose beyond vanity — one that ensures pragmatic people feel like they’ve acquired something useful, something effortless.

In this Keynote presentation, titled “Apps, the Sequel — Get Effortless, or Get Out,” learn how Apple Pay, Beacons, and “No App, Apps” are changing the very nature of the way customers shop at their favorite stores. View video below or at Apps, The Sequel — Get Effortless, or Get Out.

Mobile App Marketing Overview

As we’ve seen before, the average smartphone owner downloads 26 apps but uses only six of them daily. This presents a troubling conundrum for brands.

Millennials are now the single largest purchasing demographic, so brands have to develop a mobile marketing strategy to overcome the limitations associated with traditional marketing channels. At the same time, building a branded app requires that brands spend a significant chunk of change on development. Once built, brands also have to invest in marketing and user experience to make sure that they’ve actually built an awesome app that’s one of the 23% that actually gets used. Without users, underperforming apps fall into the dreaded category of “sunk costs” from which to move on.

In essence, the question becomes, “How do I build a mobile app that actually gets used?”

Creating A Successful Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Here’s where understanding the evolution of apps becomes so important. When branded apps first appeared, marketers tried everything they could think of to get users to log in every day.

However, now that apps have become so ubiquitous — there now are millions (and growing) of unique apps in the apps store — the same strategy cannot work.  Brands have to switch their mindset from monopolizing consumers’ time to giving them time back in their day. Those are the branded apps that will be successful

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