Together, we will #EmergeStronger – Thanx COVID-19 resources and insights available here
Emerge stronger playbook:
The retail edition

Accelerate your recovery and acquire market share by engaging your known customers.

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Why read The Emerge Stronger playbook?

Prompted by urgent customer requests through the COVID-19 crisis, Thanx created the “Emerge Stronger Playbook” to help accelerate the return of known customers and maximize their lifetime value. Our goal is to help you get revenue in the door fast and even capture additional market share.

Read this playbook if you want to learn how to:

  • Understand how to adapt to changing customer expectations and preferences.
  • Recapture dormant customers after reopening stores with personalized messaging.
  • Quickly drive repeat visits from top customers and acquire new ones.

The plays



Available now

Win the “first visit”

Getting known customers to make their first in-store purchase once restrictions are lifted.
Available now

Lock in LTV

Creating repetition and loyalty from returning customers.
Available now

Go on the offensive

Acquiring new customers post-COVID.
Coming soon

Shift into overdrive

Coming soon